Don hume pocket holster?

Don hume pocket holster?

This is a discussion on Don hume pocket holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone here use or have you used a Don Hume pocket holster for a S&W J-frame? I'm considering one for my 340PD but have no ...

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Thread: Don hume pocket holster?

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    Don hume pocket holster?

    Anyone here use or have you used a Don Hume pocket holster for a S&W J-frame? I'm considering one for my 340PD but have no experience with Don Hume pocket holsters although I have been please with an OWB and IWB rig of theirs,I think they are top notch in their price point.

    I was looking to see if 1)these pocket rigs conceal well and prevent printing. 2)if they stay in the pocket when the gun is drawn. and 3)how big are these pocket holsters? Do they add much bulk to the gun? Thanks for any help guys.
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    I don't have a S&W but I do have one of their pocket holsters for my P238 and it works just fine for me. Takes practice (as you should do with any holster anyway) drawing and setting "the hook" i guess you can call it. Stays just fine inside any and all of my jeans but it seems to like to fall out in gym shorts if i'm laying down. IMHO it hides the shape of my p238 well making it look like a wallet in my front pocket to 98% of those unobservant people out there. As far as adding bulk to the gun I really don't notice that much difference between it being in my pocket w/ the holster and being in it w/o, then again i don't carry it w/o the holster very often. I'm quite pleased with it as i am with all of my don hume products

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    I'm very happy with my Mika pocket holsters

    I have one for my Keltec PF9, and one for my J-Frame. The nice thing is that it doesn't hold on to the gun, so no worries about the holster coming out with the gun.

    Mika's Pocket Holsters - Custom Made Pocket Holsters, Waistband Holsters, Vest Holsters, Tactical Pocket Mirrors And Much More.

    Good luck!
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    I have one for my J-frame. The "hook" design is something you have to get used to, and I had my weapon/holster fall out of my pocket on me at a restaurant in Key West. Awkward...The leather is very firm versus a soft one like Mika or Nemesis. I would go with the Mika overall, less printing and more comfortable.
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    I use the Hume 002 for my 638, and my model 60-14 ( lady smith .357mag). I took the combat wood grips off of my lady Smith, and got rubber boot grips. Now I can carry my .357 in the front pocket of my jeans, let alone cargo pants/shorts. the J frames disapear in this holster.

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    I like mine, seems to hide the gun better, holds it well and does all that it should.

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