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Cant or No Cant in holster - your input please

This is a discussion on Cant or No Cant in holster - your input please within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been carrying my 5" full size 1911 in a Galco Ccp Concealed Carry Paddle. This holster allows you to adjust the degree of cant, ...

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Thread: Cant or No Cant in holster - your input please

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    I've been carrying my 5" full size 1911 in a Galco Ccp Concealed Carry Paddle. This holster allows you to adjust the degree of cant, either forward or back (see Pics., these are straight from Galco's web site.

    I find a forward cant suits me fine.

    This is a paddle out of the waist band holster.

    Picture 2.jpg

    Picture 3.jpg
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    I prefer no cant, which is sometimes hard to find. I wear my gun a little farther forward than a lot of people (9:00) (I'm a lefty), so no cant makes the butt much easier to grab. I like OWB Kydex paddles and belt slides.

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    Cant or No Cant in holster - your input please

    I prefer can't. Smaller guy and it's WAY easier to conceal.

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    I'd like to help but I cant.

    Get it? Huh?

    (Woooooooo...MAN I'm funny!)
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    Been a while since Ive been on the site but: Myopinion is that your BEST bet is a holter with adjustable cant for concealment AND for easier drawing. I personally find it easier to draw and conceal with a forward cant.
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    Forward cant for high ride holsters and IWB holsters, straight drop for lower riding holsters. That works for me.
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    I made Grady a holster with a 40 degree cant,he loves it,if you do a lot of sitting like me a forward cant is really needed,I usually make holsters with at least a 15 and normally 20 degree cant
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    I use a High Noon Public Secret which has no cant. I carry in the appedix posistion so it works well for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    It's kind of a personal thing. Depends on your body type, too.
    That. Experiment a little before settling on what feels comfortable and is most concealable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chjtoken View Post
    I am considering two different High Noon products for IWB tuckable carry of a Glock 26. One has zero cant (upright) positioning and the other has a 15 degree forward cant. I am tending toward the one with the forward cant for easier draw and thinking that the pistol will sit tighter to the body being easier to conceal. What is your preference and why ? Thanks for the input.
    Carry position, carry position, carry position. 15 degrees of cant is just about right for most folks, who carry behind the point of the hip, about 0330 to 0400. Further back indicates more cant may be better. Straight draw is for folks who carry a bit more forward, such as 0300 or more forward, to centerline. Other factors enter into this, such as length of the arms relative to length of torso, and whether one tends to bend forward at the waist during the draw. As Thumper mentioned, lower-riding holsters can be better if closet to vertical.

    All else being equal, a bit of cant does tend to hide the butt of a handgun better, but it can make the rear of the slide of striker-fired guns poke out. When I carried a duty Glock from 2002-2004, I occasionally carried it concealed, and found concealed best when straight vertical; I could hide the butt easier than the rear of the slide. I now use P229s, and since they don't have that honkin' rear of the slide sticking way out, a bit of cant is nice, to tuck the butt inward a bit.

    With a slim 1911, either straight-draw or a very slight cant is fine. I miss concealing a 1911; I have been concealing fat-butt pistols too long now. Ah, well, I like to carry on my own time what I use on duty, so double-stack forties are what it will be for a while.
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    I prefer a forward cant it is easier for me to draw at 4:00 and conceals better.
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    For me with a bit of love handles, a forward can't conceals the butt much better, breaks it up a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chjtoken View Post
    Cant or No Cant in holster - What is your preference and why ?
    In all but a couple IWB and OWB holsters that I've ever had built, they have all been canted forward. The shape of my hip at the point where I like wearing the gun seems to allow for greater concealment and comfort if I have about ~20º forward cant.

    YMMV, of course, depending on where your hip's bones protrude, how much padding you've got, where you carry the gun, how heavy/sharp/thick your gun is, and somewhat based on the holster's design. Note that a wider/flatter holster, one designed to spread the load, can be plenty comfortable and even alter the degree of concealability based on how sturdy of a platform it creates for the gun.
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