Help with printing

Help with printing

This is a discussion on Help with printing within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got my MTAC a couple weeks ago and so far have not packed my xd-9 service because it seems to print too much with ...

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Thread: Help with printing

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    Help with printing

    I got my MTAC a couple weeks ago and so far have not packed my xd-9 service because it seems to print too much with just a t-shirt over it. Especially since I'm often chasing a little one and bending over constantly. Way too hot for more cover. The last few days ive been wearing the MTAC empty but packing my LCP in the pocket just to get more comfortable. Ill probably get a subcompact xd very soon but until then any advice on packing the xd9 service without printing all the time?

    I wish we had the law that says you can conceal if you're permitted but don't have to, just so printing wouldn't matter.

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    Try moving your gun both higher and closer to 2-3 oclock. At least that works for my full size CZ-75B in my supertuck.


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    Take a picture and post it. We may need to see which holes you use for your MTac clips.

    It took me a couple weeks of trying different positions of the clips till I got a good forward cant and a high ride.

    I use an MTac to conceal my XD45 service and I conceal in just a t-shirt.

    However, some printing will occur with a full size gun. You just have to get used to it.

    I wear at the 3:00 o'clock position. My clips have been trimmed now that I have found my position of carry.

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    I assume it's the butt that's printing; I have that problem with most conventional holster designs and full-size guns. I have my CTAC set up with 33 degrees of forward cant to get the butt further forward, which required minor modification to the holster.

    Looking at Tally's MTAC picture, looks like you'd need a leather extension to move the front clip forward; otherwise, it will hit the top of the slide. (same mounting point had to be modified on my CTAC; used a little chunk of leather from the local Tandy store)

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    My MTAC (and CTAC) hide my G23 perfectly......even on my frequent juants into Flordia/Jacksonville.

    Where does it ride on you?....(appendix carry, SOB, 3 or 4 o'clock strong-side)

    Sounds like an issue with where you place it and the 'cant'. A couple few 'adjustments' will probley fix it. I spent a couple hours 'playing' with my M/C-TAC's before getting 'em just right.

    You don't wear much spandex do you?

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    Sometimes squatting instead of bending over will help minimize printing. My be tough with a little one however. Good luck

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    Start using "printed" shirts that have a pattern or obscure design, like multi-colored polos or hawaiian type shirts. You'll be surprised how pattern attire will hide or mask a "printing weapon", even when bending.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Change to a patterned shirt, Ts are not the best for concealing. But then, you're in FL and printing is not illegal. It's probably showing more in your head than others.
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    I think I will have to try to wear it around 2 oclock. I have tried 3 and 4 but bending over it looks pretty obvious.

    I have been trying to wear the 'tech' type polos with stripes the past 2 days (adidas climacool type). Patterns definitely help, as do darker colors I believe.

    Printing is not illegal? Im going to have to take another look at the FL handbook and see how its worded.

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    All you really need is a larger T-shirt, or a printed shirt. I have no problem with my Glock-36 in an OWB holster in this FL can do it.
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