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Is anyone else concerned with where a pocket holstered gun points when sitting down?

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Thread: Is anyone else concerned with where a pocket holstered gun points when sitting down?

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    No...not concerned with a properly holstered firearm.
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    My Kahr P380 points down the outside of my leg. I've looked before and if it were to somehow fire I'd probably get some burns from the flash, but it wouldn't likely hit me. I'm not concerned about that though, since I carry in a Desantis pocket holster that covers the entire trigger guard and the P380 is a double action, so it take a deliberate pull on the trigger to make it fire. When sitting it is generally pointed straight out from me or at and angle down to the floor. The only time I even give it a thought is when one of my kids walks in front of me when it is pointed straight out. Normaly, if they are around, I'll make sure that it is pointed downward.
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    Always carry a pocket gun in a pocket holster that covers the trigger guard and you will not have problems. There are numerous manufactures of quality holsters on the market. For that matter always carry your handgun in a quality holster that covers the trigger guard and you should have no problems.
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    That is a good question....Never thought about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    [...]if you think about it, any holstered weapon will occasionally sweep someone.
    This is a good point. Even a regular old strong-side OWB holster is pointed at somebody if you are on the second floor of a building. This is why it is essential to have a good, secure holster that covers the trigger.

    Basically, there are only two ways for a gun to fire: either the trigger gets pulled, or it drops and the sudden stop at the bottom moves the firing pin and sets off a round (this is called inertia discharge).

    Most modern guns are designed to prevent inertia discharge, but not all, and definitely not all older guns---so you need to make sure the gun doesn't drop or bang into stuff. That is why a secure holster covering the trigger is a safe way to hold a gun, period.
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    Nope. Nor am I concerned where my gun in a horizontal shoulder holster points. The trigger is covered, and the whole mess is under a cover garment. I don't see a problem...

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    Thanks for the replies. Its more of a comfort thing I guess. Like many have said, I know the trigger guard will be fully covered by the holster and the gun will not discharge by itself.

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    I think it is natural to have these kinds of concerns when starting to carry afterall it is serious business. Yes, I have had them all. As another poster said, I agree that you will get over it with time.

    Don't worry though, you will soon want to caliber and/or capacity-up to a bigger gun and will then have to IWB carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    You’re simply mixing basic guns rules with provisional carry. Its not an uncommon mind-set and it will pass over time, combined with confidence and familiarity. So long as the gun is holstered and not just resting in your pocket with an unprotected trigger, you’ll be fine.
    I couldn't have said it better.

    Most of us go through that stage initially, find a way to carry you are comfortable with like OWB at 3-4 o'clock and when you will be more familiar, you'll have more options.
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