My New TT Gunleather Holster & Mag Holder

My New TT Gunleather Holster & Mag Holder

This is a discussion on My New TT Gunleather Holster & Mag Holder within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The wait is over. I ordered these on Nov.9, 2009 and received them on Saturday May 15, 2010. The wait was well worth it. Tim ...

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Thread: My New TT Gunleather Holster & Mag Holder

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    My New TT Gunleather Holster & Mag Holder

    The wait is over. I ordered these on Nov.9, 2009 and received them on Saturday May 15, 2010. The wait was well worth it. Tim does an excellent job with these holsters. I have been wearing this set up for three days, and let me tell you I didn't even need to break these in. They have been extremely comfortable from the first time I put them on. The holster is kinda tight in the beginning, but after working the firearm in and out a few times, it loosened up a little.
    Here are a few pics.


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    Way too nice to conceal.

    Tim is definitely a Master Leather Craftsman.

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    That is a really well put together looking set, including the CT laser grips. Nice rig!
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    Awesome love Tim's work I have 2 from him

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    Nice rig. Tim does outstanding work
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    I'm jealous. Very nice and thanks for the pictures. Seems it was well worth the wait.

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    I have some TT leather and it is GREAT stuff. Tim really does nice work. Congrats on your new outfit, looks sweet!
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    TT Gun Leather holster bad quality

    I ordered two IBW holsters and mag holders with shark trim upgrade from TT Gun Leather a couple years go for my G36 and Beretta 92. Both Tim and his holsters were beyond belief high quality.

    Things were getting busy for TT so the lead time estimate was not even close, but Tim kept me informed all the time. He truly is a nice person.

    I was very surprised to discover that I could not get a grip while attempting to draw from the Beretta holster! The side guard (?) had not been cut to correct contour of the gun and prevented me from getting proper high enough grip!

    I had to trim the holster myself - some 1/2 inch - I'd waited for over six months and paid big dollars for the trim upgrades and other extras.

    The result of my 'custom' work destroyed the overall quality of a beautiful holster.

    Now, I'm sure Tim would have been happy to remedy his "oversight," but waiting anymore to start carrying was too much for me. In the end, it's a black IWB holster carrying a black working gun.

    I think this is unacceptable, though. Had Tim or anyone of his employees inserted a Beretta in that holster and attempted a draw, their quality inspection would have revealed a serious flaw in a custom made self-defense holster.

    They chose not to!

    Needless to say that TT is off my custom holster makers list, and he truly creates magnificent looking holsters.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Looks like a really nice rig you have there!!
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    The quality is excellent, good looking rig you have there. It was the lack of adjustment that made me sell mine. I waited 5 months and wore it for 45 minutes before I listed it back for sale. If you wear a gun at 4-5:00 this style is great. But lack of adjustment and overall comfort made me move on to other options.

    I also had the grip pinch problem with mine as well, but I've seen that in the VM2 also.

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    That was an awesome rig. Congrats!
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