Concealex Alert (similar stuff to Kydex)

Concealex Alert (similar stuff to Kydex)

This is a discussion on Concealex Alert (similar stuff to Kydex) within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Background: Concealex is another heat-moldable plastic like Kydex, but has a bit more acrylic in it and comes in an attractive pattern. It was also ...

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Thread: Concealex Alert (similar stuff to Kydex)

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    Concealex Alert (similar stuff to Kydex)

    Background: Concealex is another heat-moldable plastic like Kydex, but has a bit more acrylic in it and comes in an attractive pattern. It was also inexpensive and the thickness I wanted.

    1. Preheated 350 degree oven;
    2. Wrapped the Concealex sheet in a floursack towel to reduce warping;
    3. Pllaced on rack for five minutes;
    4. Pencil taped along top of slide;
    5. Weapon placed in sock;
    6. Placed towel on chair cushion
    7. Heated Concealex placed on towel, with floursack towel between;
    8. Socked weapon placed on floppy hot Concealex;
    9. Concealex flipped over socked weapon (now it's a weapon sandwich, with Concealex on either side, with floursack towel on either side of that;
    10. Two layers of heat-stable foam from Knifekits placed on top of weapon sandwich;
    11. Sat on foam until Concealex was no longer floppy (use the tools you have; it was pleasantly warm, though kinda bumpy).

    • Turns out that the patterned side of Concealex has some sort of film on it, or its outside layer comes off pretty easily. I ruined the floursack towel by adding a layer of plastic to it, and had to fingernail off a few square inches of film from the holster;
    • Worse, the Concealex unprinted surface turns into glue when pressed firmly against another layer of hot Concealex, and I had molded a full coverage version (an inch or so around the footprint of the gun);
    • It took me 45 minutes to release the weapon from this very attractive and deeply formed Concealex case. Ultimately I was able to heat some of the edges with a blowtorch to provide access to the grip, and through extreme exertion was able to separate the weld in the flat below the barrel/trigger.
    • I also noted that when daughter and wife are nearby, one can't be as, um, descriptive as one might choose to be when working in the garage.

    It's rough, guys, when you get your daughter a new CW9 and pull a "hey, hold my beer while I make a holster!" No alcohol was involved, but I was afraid the guys were about to start taking photos.

    Bottom line? Beginners like me should stick with Kydex, though Concealex certainly looks nice now that I've got it apart and trimmed. Photos to follow.

    No slam intended on I love 'em and the products they sell. I just need some more practice, and wanted to let you folks know that if using Concealex you might want to mold only the nose of the weapon rather than make a full-on weapon-won-ton out of it like I did.
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    Snort. On finding a photo for you I see belatedly that there is a protective film on the stuff. My bad.

    Concealex Sheet - Carbon Fiber Pattern - (.060) - 12x12
    Stock# CXCF-126
    Price: $5.75
    Our heat moldable .060 gauge carbon fiber patterned concealex sheet material is top quality material that will compliment your knives, guns, lighters, cell phones and other various items that you want to make a carrier for. The carbon fiber pattern will add that little extra to the finished look and value of your prized possessions and creations.

    Darrel Ralph has personally tested this product on his knife sheaths to make sure it was right for our customers. His comments, "A few dollars worth of this material on my sheaths makes my knives look like they're worth $100 more in value. This material is in vogue."

    This material forms between 160 and 300 degrees. When making the sheath, you will have to determine which temperature will work best for you. The length of time in the oven is the key to success. We recommend that you do a test on a small piece before attempting a large job. We have noticed that this material can be formed more than one time, in the event that you have a misfire. Mis-formed material is generally a sign of too low of a temp in the preparation process.
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    I really like the look of that stuff...would love to have a holster of it.
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    That looks very nice .
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