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What is the best way to carry a BUG?

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Thread: What is the best way to carry a BUG?

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    Ankle carry for me. Easy to conceal, easy to carry, and reachable with both hands.
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    A BUG should be full-sized and carried in a shoulder holster.

    If clothing becomes an issue the easiest solution is to Open Carry. Then the problem goes away.

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    If/when I do carry a BUG, it's either front pocket, or IWB/SOB.
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    j-frame on ankle. p3at in back pocket. p3at sometimes on ankle.
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    re: ctsketch

    Quote Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
    Oh I know the Hopyard. and I do a fair amount of travel... my Fiancee is from New Haven, my parents are in Bridgeport and I live 10 minutes out of Hartford (Manchester)
    Well, when I was a kid the Glastonbury-Manchester area was nice tobacco farming rural and safe. I don't know what it is like today.

    I was sort of shocked by Willamantic last time I went through 8 years back. Going to New Haven or Bridgeport means BUG needed. Maybe a big can of OC if legal in CT.

    If I ever manage to find my way to my property in East Haddam again, I'd like to meet you. As I wrote earlier, the East Side of the river is my favorite place. I belong there like the rocks and the Maple trees and the Oaks.

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    Maybe a big can of OC if legal in CT.
    I like to skip right past the OC and commence with the joint breaking :p
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    That's how I carry mine! Thanks Rhome.

    That set-up is sweet, BTW.

    Some great suggestions. I think it does depend on what you'll be doing AND what you'll be carrying.

    I tend to prefer a 5-shot revolver for ankle carry as they tend to get alot of crud that seems to get up in there. Because it carries inside your leg, you can have it on your weak-side leg & it'll still be accessable to both hands.

    If I BU carry a small auto (Currently a Kel-Tec P32), it's in a pocket holster, sometimes in my weak-side front pocket or weak-side back pocket (Different pocket holster, too).

    If you're driving alot, I'd recommend ankle carry. However, I've have & use a K.L. Null SMZ shoulder holster for my S&W 442 at times & have to admit, it's a great way to carry a BUG also. I've used it under a T-shirt, so it can pretty much be used under just about any conditions. I'll admit a shoulder holster, under the shirt, is not fast, but it's comfortable, easy to access while seated/driving & can be drawn with either hand.
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