Heavy Guy Holster

Heavy Guy Holster

This is a discussion on Heavy Guy Holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Having a little overhang in the belly department , I have to really work to keep from printing . What do you all consider to ...

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Thread: Heavy Guy Holster

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    Heavy Guy Holster

    Having a little overhang in the belly department , I have to really work to keep from printing . What do you all consider to be my best option for comfort,and conceal ability while carrying my G19? Thanks

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    WELCOME to the forum.

    Have you considered Appendix Crossdraw carry..?
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    The 'Ken Null' Gibraltar scabbard may be an option. I'm pretty sure Ken offers this in your model. Tell Ken about your specific needs as he will do what he can to make custom adjustments.

    " This form fitted scabbard needs no retaining devices as it relies completely on its exquisitely formed contours for retention. Positive non-shifting stability is assured by tab extensions which allow belt to be fed through holster loop before trouser loop. This inter-weaving guarantees placement as solid as the rock which bears its name."

    K.L. Null Holsters Home Page

    Dan Ortego
    Attached Images
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    Maybe try moving the holster back to 4:00 or 5:00 position?
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    from Central Florida!

    A good belt, carry at 4:30, use a holster with a 15-20 degree cant like this FIST, INC....the holster on the right with the Glock is like mine.
    It rides 'high and tight' against the body...as tightly as any IWB that I have...

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    It could also depend on what type of shirt you're wearing as well. I mean if your wearing a shirt that is even slightly tight a larger frame firearm (think bigger than G26) might print anyway. If you wear a button down shirt that is looser fitting (think something not necessarily a t-shirt) you might be better off in the concealment department. It takes some experimentation.
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    A belly band being worn in a cross draw position work's well also.

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    CrossBreed SuperTuck. 3:00, adjust to lowest setting, the butt of the gun is disguised in your waste band
    I keep mine at a forward cant, so the but sticks up a bit, but my gut overhangs and disguises.
    Also, remember, what seems to you is an indisguisable print, to the untrained eye is a cell phone, pager, multitool, etc.
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    jailcop, Welcome Aboard first off.....!

    Lets ask 'how' you like to carry (IWB, OWB, and where....4o'clock, appendixs, SOB,etc.) and what's your 'general' wardrobe selection.......and do you have a good, quality gunbelt as well? It does make a diffrence!

    I carry a G23....same size as your G19.....and I'm working at keeping my belly in check constantly. At 5'9" and 185 lbs. I'm by no means obease, but about 10 years ago my metabolism hit a brick wall........

    My carry holsters are Comp-Tac's MTAC & CTAC (IWB), A custom leather OWB, and a kydex paddle (OWB). I have a drawer full of other holsters but those four are my primaries......the paddle gets the most use due to the quick 'on-off' right now. I carry around the 3 to 5 o'clock positions.

    With no other info I'll guess that a quality IWB (i.e. Comp-Tac, Crossbreed, VM-II, etc.) paired with a good gunbelt will make that Glock disappear on ya
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    OK I'll be the first to post the ubiquitous Perry Suspenders link. It doesn't help with printing, it just helps.
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    Check out Don's Leather Shop I'm heavy, but he refers to himself as a "fat man with a sewing machine". Best conceal carry holsters and advice I've ever gotten.

    Call 859-585-0122

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    Quote Originally Posted by jailcop2 View Post
    Having a little overhang in the belly department , I have to really work to keep from printing . What do you all consider to be my best option for comfort,and conceal ability while carrying my G19? Thanks
    I am 6'3" and weigh 260 pounds and am definitely a large guy. For the last few months I have been carrying concealed in a Smart Carry

    This a a SmartCarry Security V and it is carrying a CZ PCR, an extra magazine, a Kershaw Junk Yard Dog knife, and a Steamlight flashlight. I usually wear pleated jeans or Dockers and the result is that this carry combo never prints for me.

    It has become my EDC mode and I recommend it without reservation.
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    I carried my G19 for about 48 hours strait while camping this weekend with just a t shirt as cover in this holster.

    It is homemade, but is a copy of the AKJ concealco

    AKJ Concealco LLC - Concealment gun holsters, personal defense related equipment, and other gunleather.
    I’m 6 foot about 250 and have no trouble carrying at 3:00 4:00

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    Without knowing more, I'd suggest a pancake-style OWB. The flat leather will help hide the outline of the gun. I'm, 6'2" and 275. Yup, got a gut. A loose, untucked short shirt and an OWB Kydex paddle holster hides my gun easily. You always think it's printing more than it really is. In most states, the print has to be recognizable as a gun, not just a mass under the clothing that could be a cell phone, pager, or any other type of electronic belt-worn device.

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