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How do you carry in your car?

This is a discussion on How do you carry in your car? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my CBST, on my hip. My first course of action if I'm in my car and it's operational is to escape, but if I ...

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Thread: How do you carry in your car?

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    In my CBST, on my hip. My first course of action if I'm in my car and it's operational is to escape, but if I need to I can draw my GLOCK 19 ok from where it's at.
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    If you wear cargos (shorts or pants) the extra pocket on the legs works well for this, only velcro closures between you and your gun... a good pocket holster and you're good to go... I carry IWB and about 60% of the time I am tucked in so my BUG in a car would be my primary... another good reason to carry a BUG! And why I prefer pocket carry because it is flexible, right, left, front, back, cargo pockets etc...

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    short ride- same as normal- IWB 2:30/3:00. very comfy since its on my side and not behind me. if long ride then in my wilderness safepacker holser as shown on their website.
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    However it goes in the car with me, it stays in the car with me.
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    IWB on or about 3:00 for my .380. Haven't found a good way to carry my XD45, yet. When I depart the vehicle, if for some reason I have to leave it behind, the gun gets locked in a portable safe, chained to the seat frame and tucked under the ds seat.
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    You're going to want to refer to your state gun laws. I'm fairly certain that in OH, your gun has to be in a holster on your person, or secured inside either the center console or glove box. That would make mounting the gun under the seat or to the side of your center console a no-no in the eyes of the law. Again, refer to your state gun laws to be sure.

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    I carry OWB around in the 3 o'clock position and this leaves me quick access to my G36 with the seatbelt not being in the way. It's just like drawing standing up for me.

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    i looked into this a while back and here are a BUNCH of links i came across w/ pics of different ideas, hope it helps. But like its already been said look into you local laws, a question i had was, depending on where it is in the car if someone else is in the car who doesnt have a CCL can it be considered "immediatly" accessible to them and could that cause an issue? the answer i got from a few LEO i spoke to was that would be taking things a little far to make an issue over something like that in there opinion, That was for my area.


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    I place my IWB between seat and console or if I am carrying my ankle rig I can just lift my pant leg.
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    I carry the same way in my car as I do outside of it. Glock 30 IWB and M&P 340 on my ankle. My go to gun in my car would probably be my M&P 340 due to the ease of access with both hands while sitting.
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    Appendix IWB at about 1 or 1:30.

    Used to have it at 4:00, until the Suarez videos convinced me of the efficacy of moving to appendix carry.

    You can arrange to draw from behind the hip while seated and belted, but it is something you definitely need to practice and probably need to adjust every time you buckle up.

    Appendix requires no significant adjustment nor unusual methods of getting it out while seated -- you might need to make sure the belt and your cover garment are in sync however.


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    I have noticed similar issues with my IWB holster. MO state law says it can be in the car but it can not be in visible in the car. I have a 2 piece center counsel and one the top compartment fits my sig quite nicely. I tried several ways of positioning it in there to find what allowed me concealment there but also ease of access should i need it. Obviously depending on the state law and vehicle this may not be visible. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.
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