Thumb break or not with an OWB rig?

Thumb break or not with an OWB rig?

This is a discussion on Thumb break or not with an OWB rig? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The title says it all do you guys prefer a thumb break or open top OWB rig? If you found an OWB rig that concealed ...

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Thread: Thumb break or not with an OWB rig?

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    Thumb break or not with an OWB rig?

    The title says it all do you guys prefer a thumb break or open top OWB rig? If you found an OWB rig that concealed really well and was comfortable,would you let the fact it had a thumb break stop you from buying it/using it?
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    Looked all over the place for an open top for my 1911 and finally went with a Galco. It rides close to the body, holds the gun securily and I love it. Don't care for thumb breaks but have to admit to owning several.
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    During the summer, I almost exclusively belt carry OWB. Currently, I'm toting around a G17 in a Tagua open top holster. Decent leather for $25 or so bucks I think, but there's definitely better holsters to be had.

    I would use a thumb break if that was my only option, but fortunately it's not. In fact, the only belt holster I've got with any sort of retention is a Serpa Blackhawk. Its not a bad holster in the least, except for the fact I can't conceal it worth a , so it was my designated range holster. (When I still used a public range that is...)

    In closing, if you've found a good holster, buy it, wear it, and practice with it. With practice, you'll be able to draw from an open top holster just as quickly as you would one with a thumb break. It's all about building muscle memory.

    And if you're carrying a 1911, you can look cool breaking the thumb strap, flicking that safety off, and drawing in one smooth motion.
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    I use a Blade-Tech paddle holster OWB and I conceal it with an untucked polo shirt in the summer time. In this circumstance I would not want a thumb break and don't have one.

    If I was openly carrying the gun, then I would definitely want a thumb break.
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    Definitely against thumb breaks. A good holster that's made properly will have adequate retention. OMO
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    I don't mind a thumb break on an OWB holster and I have a couple. My biggest issue with thumb breaks is re-holstering. You just have to be more careful that the extra piece of leather doesn't find its way into the trigger guard.
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    I like a thumb break because more of the holster is protecting the gun. I practice enough that it will not affect my draw.
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    As long as the weapon is concealed OWB and it is a quality holster with a tension screw then I am comfortable without a thumb break. If the weapon is open carried OWB then I believe a thumb break should be manditory. My .02.
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    No thumb breaks for me.
    They are really not necessary on any of my personal carry leather.

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    i do not like thumb breaks except on my shoulder rigs. my OC holster doesnt even have one (its a SERPA II) and my CC holsters are IWB.
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    I choose my OWBs with a thumb break. It's just my personal preference.

    It isn't that I think it is necessary for retention, I'm just more comfortable with it OWB. Yes, re-holstering is more difficult, but I rarely if ever pull my weapon out while carrying, so it isn't an issue. If I do need to pull my weapon for SD, I'm not particularly worried about the ease of re-holstering in the heat of the moment.

    I'm sure there are pros and cons, but it's just what you prefer.
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    Open top.
    Yes, unless it was removable.
    My hand comes from behind and below the holster in a circular motion using a scoop/hook draw. A thumb break would defeat that.

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    I would "prefer" a conceal carry 'thumb break' or some sort of security holster if only a good holster maker would produce one. The Bianchi 82 'Carry Lock' or the older 2800 'Break Front' would make a good design base.
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    for OWB when i'm wearing a long jacket, here's mine:
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    No thumb breaks for me.
    They are really not necessary on any of my personal carry leather.
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