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Carrying spare magazine

This is a discussion on Carrying spare magazine within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry one spare magazine in a Don Hume OWB with belt slots in it. 11 rounds in the Kel-Tec and 10 rounds in the ...

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Thread: Carrying spare magazine

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    I carry one spare magazine in a Don Hume OWB with belt slots in it. 11 rounds in the Kel-Tec and 10 rounds in the spare magazine.
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    Carrying spare magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleipnir View Post
    Has a car never failed you in any way when all of the sudden a tire gives out? Going by that same philosophy I'd be left stranded and waiting for a tow-truck by the side of the interstate somewhere!

    Magazines DO fail, and Murphy will guarantee that it fails at the worst possible moment if you allow for it!

    Just my $.02!
    That's why I carry a spare. I would rather be prepared, than be carrying a $500 paperweight in a pool of my blood.

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    I carry a spare magazine in a leather mag holder, weak side at about the 8 o'clock position. If I choose to carry another I slip it in weak side pocket.

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    I have been looking into a comfortable way to carry an extra...this might work..Galco makes the ankle safe, which has a nice big pocket for a phone or wallet, but it doesn't have a flap over the mag like this not sure if it will bite or not...

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    I carry an extra Glock mag in a valcro flap, clip-on multi-tool great!
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    Single Comp-Tac or Blade-Tech mag pouch on the off side.
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    I have an extra "Mag Pocket" in my Levi type pants on the weak side that is divided to carry 2 spares. I also wear 511 Covert pants with a slotted mag pocket on the weak side. For dress wear I don't carry spares.

    For regular Levis, you can have them altered to extend the watch pocket deeper to fit 1 or 2 mags. It's very covert but it's on the strong side. Can also have a "mag pocket" added to your regular pocket to get a pocket-in-a-pocket on your weak side. Not expensive and can be done at home if handy with a sewing machine.

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    I carry two spare mags (for either my G26 or my G19), in an OWB vertical mag carrier, in the 9 o'clock position, bullets facing forward. My wife does the same with her PT709 Slim.

    For those folks who do NOT carry at least one spare mag, regardless of the excuse, I URGE you, no, I STRONGLY URGE YOU to reconsider. It's not a numbers thing with rounds, it's an insurance policy based on malfunction and Murphy's law. JMO
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    I just drop a spare in my left side cargo pocket. There's never any lint in there because I wash them with the flaps closed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I carry an extra Glock mag in a valcro flap, clip-on multi-tool great!
    Similar to retsupt99, I have found that my .380 mag fits PERFECTLY in an old Leatherman multi-tool case.

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    Carrying spare magazine

    I always carry extra magzines. If just carrying my P-3at then one 10 round for backup. If carrying one of my Glocks I carry two 17 round magazines for backup. If carrying two Glocks (primary and BUG) I usally add one more 17 round magazine to the mix in a pocket.

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    I always try to have a reload for whatever I'm carrying; a spare mag for my PM9 or a tuffstrip if I'm carrying my j-frame (which is less frequently than in the past). they're in my weakside front pocket; gun's in the strongside pocket ...
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    I like to carry an extra magazine and a light at all times, and find that while I've never used the extra mag, I use the light several times a day I never would have dreamed of before I started doing it. This is what I use, I've made some changes since this one:

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    I usually carry 1 in an OWB mag carrier...2 for cross country trips....
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    My set up is similar to dmr400's, but my mag is in the front (bullets towards the centerline of the body), and the flashlight is further back and angled away from the mag. I am still concerned that I'll grab my SureFire and try to stuff it into my mag well some day...I've seen folks do it several times during training if they don't have the two items sufficiently separated and/or if they haven't practiced enough.
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