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CC with a suit?

This is a discussion on CC with a suit? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In a suit, I use either a pocket carry or an IWB/SOB holster....

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Thread: CC with a suit?

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    In a suit, I use either a pocket carry or an IWB/SOB holster.
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    I have to "dress up" every day for work. In the summer its a tucked in shirt with no sport coat. I use a CTAC with V-clips for my Glock 26 and it really works. Can not see any "hardware" on the outside of the belt and it stays put all day of in and out of the car.

    In the cooler months with a sport coat on, I will IWB a Glock 19 or 26 everyday with no problems. Coat stays on all day.

    Regardless of the coat situation, I ALWAYS pocket my Ruger LCR. Does it bulge a bit in my pants pocket? You betcha, but pay attention next time you are out on the town at folks front pockets. Either most people are pocket carrying or they have a TON of crap in their pockets! Either way, I cant tell wha they have in their pockets and I AM LOOKING FOR A GUN!

    Just my $0.02


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    I always carry, even if I wear a suit. If you have to use suspenders, try some Perry suspenders that attach to a belt instead of attaching to the trousers. That way, you can carry with your usual IWB holster. I'd rather keep my jacket on, than leave my weapon at home.
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    I wear a suit every day at work, and some customers and co-workers are "huggy," so no weapon around the waist for me.

    I either use a Smartcarry for my Glock 26 and spare magazine, or pocket carry a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster (spare mags in a belt-mounted digital camera/PDA case). The Smartcarry would be great if you are going without a belt to hold a more traditional holster.

    I had a tailor deepen some of my suit pants pockets, which can be too shallow for pocket carry without a coat.
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    I do wear a suit jacket more than half the time, I have a Serpa, but lately I have been using been a Desantis Speed Scabbard. I wear at the 4 oclock (behind hip bone) OWB.

    I have never been that fond of shoulder rigs.
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    One thing you could look at are the Belly Bands.

    They are elastic velcro bands that wrap around your belly and your guns sits in it the holster adhered to the elastic. It would be something that you could wear around your waist so that your gun is in the same location no belt required, you could take off your jacket if needed.

    Just a thought! The Belly Band would be something that would be an option if you cant pocket carry, cant shoulder carry, don't like ankle carry, and cant do the owb or iwb.

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    I do this with regularity...Wearing a full suit & tie using an IWB holster and using my normal suit belt, carrying a full size all steel 1911 along with one or two reserve ammo magazines.

    The key with the belt is to spend some time in your belt selection to start.
    You do not absolutely need a 'gun belt' to carry and wear a gun.
    What you need is a belt of good quality leather construction optimally with double stitches but not absolutely necessary.
    as well the belt has got to fit you (!) and the leather has got to be the sort that is stiff.

    I found my latest dress belt (Nov 2009) at JC Penny on sale...It's a double sided reversible Calvin Klein branded unit. It works great and only cost $20 on sale.

    - Janq
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    Start wearing a belt. You have to dress around the firearm. Comes with CC

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    CC with a suit?

    Without a belt, IWB is out. You need a belt. A Galco ankle holster with a Snubby or LCP/LCR in the pocket holster are your best bets.

    Shoulder holsters are not worth the trouble. Too slow to draw.
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    1) shoulder (heck, those were made for suits)
    2) smartcarry (works with anything)
    3) some kind of belly band
    4) pocket for small gun

    edit: but if you dont have any of these.. i would just suck it up and wear a belt
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    I do it with a crossbreed supertuck all the time.

    I have it canted forward and it sits around 4-5 o'clock.

    Nice thing about the supertuck, is you can tuck it in under your shirt, enabling you to remove the coat jacket.
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