Best IWB for a XD-40sc??

Best IWB for a XD-40sc??

This is a discussion on Best IWB for a XD-40sc?? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have recently become the proud pappa of a gently used .40 XDsc. I would love to use it as my primary CC, and have ...

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Thread: Best IWB for a XD-40sc??

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    Best IWB for a XD-40sc??

    I have recently become the proud pappa of a gently used .40 XDsc. I would love to use it as my primary CC, and have been looking at all the posts, websites, ect, to get an idea of what I should use. For now I am interested, in this order, in these:

    1. Dakota Defender - K&D
    2. Texas Heritage - Tucker
    3. Super Tuck - Cross Breed

    That being said, I am also up to hearing about what some of the DC family has used, or is using for this set up.

    **EDIT - This will be for business casual carry, tucked and untucked, and for casual carry (shorts, t-shirt, jeans, ect)

    Thanks in advance

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    I use a don hume IWB for mine, haven't found one I like better yet. Around $29? Perfect fit and once it breaks in extremely comfortable. I never tuck my shirt in though so not much advice there for ya sorry!

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    I've got an XD40SC for my EDC. Currently, I'm using an OWB Blackhawk CQC, which is a composite plastic w/a Level 2 finger lock. While it's not comfortable to lay or lean on, it works really well for my needs, tho I have a custom holster & mag pouch being made by bigo, one of the members here.

    I wear a lot of shirts that are made to be left untucked, especially during the summer months, tho often do the same the rest of the year. I've only recently started carrying, so have yet to get serious about considering some IWB that I can blouse a shirt over....

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    OK, well i have the same bitone and have CBST for both of my HG's

    I have a XDm40 too...

    This is a old pic but still showing my XD...

    wearing right now, and its good setup,y? well know one at my job knows i have it on..
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    My EDC is an XD9sc in a Kholster. It's a similar design to the Super Tuck and very comfortable. Kholster runs $49 shipped.

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