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This is a discussion on Crossbreed QwikClip within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello Everyone, i know there are some threads out there asking somewhat the same question as me. So don't flame me plzzz i'm new :) ...

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    Question Crossbreed QwikClip

    Hello Everyone, i know there are some threads out there asking somewhat the same question as me. So don't flame me plzzz i'm new :)

    I have a Taurus 709 Slim and was thinking of buying my first holster, i came across the QwikClip from Crossbreed and sounds like the perfect holster i want. My question is does anyone have it with their 709 like i want to? If so can you post some pictures and how you feel with it.

    If you don't have it with a 709 can you tell me a bit if its comfortable to carry and to sit with?

    Thanks alot guys!


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    I find that the supertuck is too much leather for me. I carry most of my CCW's (G27, Sig229, 1911's) in the Quickclip. Works great, NO complaints.

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    My wife has a qwik clip. She likes it...however, she does not wear 1.5" belts. The clip on this holster is a bit bulky and works best with a hefty belt. No complaints about the holster....but a different clip (which can be replaced) may be in order if you don't wear a 1.5" belt. I really like my supertuck...I can wear it with or without a belt, depending on the pants. Either way they are great products.

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    I have a Quickclip and use it for both my XD9sc and XD40 service. Very comfortable!
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    I have the QwikClip for G26,36 but it holds my G30 much more snugly. The holster relies on the belt/waistband tension to secure the smaller Glocks. I do not find it particularly comfortable and, since it is a single belt clip, the weapon tends to droop below the belt and the clip rides up above the belt. I bought the QwikClip as I felt the Supertuck was too large, but I think the Supertuck would be a better choice for retention and comfort. Look at some pix of folks with the Supertuck; it's not as big as I thought.

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    I used to carry my 709 in a quik clip. It worked decent with my 1 1/4 galco cop belt. It worked a LOT better with my super ehavy 1 1/2 Carl Collins belt. It was however not as comfortable as my super tuck is with my Glock 26. That being said I would reccomend the supertuck over the quik clip or if you prefer something with a bit less leather go with the mini tuck.
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    I would go with the MiniTuck for the Taurus PT709 Slim. It's smaller than the SuperTuck and would go well with the PT709's size. I have a MiniTuck for my PM9 and it's a fantastic holder. I did own a MicroClip (1 clip) for my MK9, but I found that the single clip shifted a little more than I would have liked.

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