Gun belt in women's size

Gun belt in women's size

This is a discussion on Gun belt in women's size within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The title says it all really. I'm going to need a sturdier belt very soon, for obvious reasons. The belt I'm wearing is a 29" ...

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Thread: Gun belt in women's size

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    Gun belt in women's size

    The title says it all really. I'm going to need a sturdier belt very soon, for obvious reasons. The belt I'm wearing is a 29" and I wear it on the smallest hole with most of my pants.
    All of the gun belts that I have looked at came in 32" or larger. Sense a problem??

    Can anybody point me in the right direction?

    On the upside, I already wear a very sturdy belt compared to most women and I have worn it daily for the past 6 years, so none of my friends are going to notice a change.

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    I would contact the makers and see if they can't accommodate you. There are lots of good quality makers that are small businesses. I would bet that some of these would be glad to sell you a belt that is a good fit.
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    I can make you any length belt you want in single thick or double thick. Let me know.

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    He makes all of his to your measurements and the belts are works of art. Good guy and great belts. He may even have a little bit of pink elephant hide left too. (That's for real BTW)

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    If you find one you like, and they want extra to make a "custom" shorter belt, just buy one of their stock belts and cut it down from the buckle end. Most of them attach the buckle with chicago screws going through the folded over leather. Just remove the screws, fold the leather over until it is the right length, punch new holes, and reinstall the buckle and screws. If it's a double layer belt, you may have to remove a little of the inner layer just before the fold. You'll see what I mean if you look at the way the belt is already built. I did this to one of Comp-Tac's belts that I ordered too long. Once you put the screwws back in and put it on, it looks like new.
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    We make many belts for female shooters.

    If we can help, just let us know.

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    Most any manufacturer can accommodate you. They manufacture most belts to your specs at the time of order. Nothing really pre-made for the most part. Call them and explain your situation and they will help you size a belt that will work for your needs and body type. I can recommend The Belt Man highly from my own personal experience in helping me size my belt. Recently I had to order a new belt with 7 holes spaced 3/4" apart instead of the usual 5 holes spaced 1" apart. That way I can get 37.5" when I carry IWB. Tighter than 38" which I had been using, but not quite suffocating me like 37" was.
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