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SuperTuck Deluxe Holster - How do you like yours?

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Thread: SuperTuck Deluxe Holster - How do you like yours?

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    CrossBreed? What CrossBreed? Oh, that CrossBreed, I forgot I was wearing it, or a 3 lb gun. Sooo comfortable, SOOOO Ugly! SOOOOOOOO COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!
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    You got the best, my tip: wear and enjoy.
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    Only holster I've ever had to buy, literally. After a couple of years, it started to lose retention, and after reheating the kydex and trying to adjust it didn't work, I sent it back to Crossbreed and they replaced the kydex shell. For free. Very happy with the holster and the company.


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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1984 View Post
    Don't get me wrong it is the best holster i have ever owned. but how do you stick it back on while sitting? When i put mine on i can only do it while standing. It sounds dumb but i have tried it and i gotta know what's your secret?
    Well I did it today so this is what I did.

    If I need to take it off I first remove my Glock 27 and then unbuckle my belt, remove tab from jeans and pull down zipper. Nothing is ever exposed as I am wearing underwear and an undershirt. I then arch my back slightly and flick up the front clip so it clears the belt and then I reach back and flip up the rear clip and remove the holster. I can then tuck in my shirt, zip back up, fix my belt and exit my car.

    When I get back in the car I do the same. Unbuckle belt, remove tab and unzip. I then arch my back and reinsert the holster. Once I have it where I like it I zip and buckle back up and then insert my Glock and away I go. It does seem to help that I have a Beltman belt that is very stiff and makes it easier but I've also done it with a normal belt.

    The steps I take to remove it and reinsert just work. I'm sure I could take pictures of what I do and if you desire I will.

    I'm hoping the above made some sort of sense and if not, I will take pictures and post them for you and if you are wondering I can take it off or reinsert it under one minute with ease.

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    I just ordered a Super Tuck in horsehide today for my issue P229R, so I'm grateful to have found this thread.

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    I like it a lot. I wear it every day...

    My only complaint is that either I have to wear it almost at 2 oclock or 4 oclock because of my belt loops on 5.11 pants...but i am trying to modify that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringerXD View Post
    I have one and never use it. Yes, it's comfortable, but I'm more of a "clip-n-go" kind of guy. I also find the SuperTuck to be a bit of a production to put on. I guess if I were to wear a gun all day, every day, I might like it better.

    That's why I prefer the High Noon clip holsters. I can quickly and easily clip one on or off, even sitting in a vehicle. Plus, I prefer leather over kydex.
    My thoughts EXACTLY.
    Carry on my friend~~

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    I love my supertuck. I bought mine about almost 2 years ago for my XD 9 subcompact. I just bought one for my Glock 26. Can't wait to get it in Horsehide this time. You won't be disappointed.

    [B]"When seconds count police are minutes away"!

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    I own two SuperTucks - one for each of my 9mm carry guns (Glock 19 & Sig P228) both in horsehide no combat cut. Very happy with CrossBreed. Once you find the proper cant and carry position (I like 3:30) it melts to your body and is so comfortable. I sometimes take a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch with it on without a problem. I'm thinking about a MiniTuck, MicroClip or QuikClip for my KelTec P3-AT.

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    All this talk about "Supertucks" made me order another one.

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    Its my go to holster. Wear it every day. Love it. I did trim it down to a combat cut. Still very comfortable.

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    Got the combat cut for mine and it still left far too much horsehide for me to get a grip. I traced the outline of the gun and cut it down. A week later I switched from IWB to AIWB carry and haven't looked back. My Crossbreeds are laying in the holster box collecting dust.

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    I wear a CBST every day, all day. Easy to conceal my compact 9mm. Living in Spring, TX and working in the gulf coast climate (split between outside and inside environment), the holster still rides and fits comfortably. Lots of ways to adjust to your liking. The Kydex gives you the advantage of setting your retention preferences easily. I opted out from the horse hide, but I will be getting that option on my next purchase from them. Great product. Great company.
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    Thumbs up Crossbreed Service

    I had just ordered a belt from Crossbreed to go with my SuperTuck Deluxe and when I go the email nitification of the order the shipping address was messed up. Somehow it was going to be sent to the wrong state. I called the 888 number for Crossbreed and spoke to an actual human being, Marty, who looked up the most recent order and checked an existing order, straightened the problem out and called me back to tell me that the problem was corrected!!

    Wow! What service! A real human being, a correction, and a callback all in the space of about 1/2 hour. That's amazing

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    I personally didn't like the one I had and got rid of it.

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