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Thread: "Man-Purses"?

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    I have a black Jumbo Versipack, and it's one of the best gearslingers I've ever owned. The CCW pocket is a bonus in my mind. I've carried my fullsized Kimber Custom TLE II with no trouble at all.

    You do have to be careful about setting it down. I typically keep it on me at all times if I'm using it to carry a pistol.
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    Um, what?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbiesdad View Post
    That was just so wrong on so many levels
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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    Wouldn't carry that way, far too unsecure and snatchable.
    Not at all. I use my Maxpedition when I'm not wearing a belt.

    It's built like a tank. Even with the plastic connector, it wouldn't surprise me if you could tow a car with the strap. It isn't getting jerked off of you if you carry it cross chest.
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    Please forgive me

    YouTube - Ask A Gay Man : Murse Edition
    That is just too funny...

    I bought Jumbo Versipack for the wife and I, we take it on the motorcycle and either of us may carry it off bike. Never a second look. Great daypack. I sometimes carry a fully size Gearslinger Monsoon, look around, a lot of people carry bags with laptops etc. I do not think "concealed carry" when I see one.
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    1) Anything in stiff nylon with MOLLE screams gun* 2) Your weapon is no longer secure 3) Slow to draw, you'd be dead before you got your gun out 4) The bag is uncomfortable (at least to me) to wear. The design of the strap makes the bag slide around to my back. My wife doesn't seem to mind though.

    * If you had a kid you might be able to get away with it as a diaper bag.

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    Don't need no stinkin' purse...
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    I carry a 511 bag ( I think it's a push pak?) at work and in my truck with trauma supplies, gloves, npa's, shears, flashlight etc (all the things a EMT can't be without) It has a gun pocket that my 1911 would fit in and they sell a holster for it, but it just looks to slow to access. I may buy the holster and try it out but I don't think it will appeal to me except maybe when I'm wearing shorts or swimwear.....maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbiesdad View Post
    If I ever had any thoughts of getting a Versipak, PUSH pack, etc., that video cured me forever!!!! Never will I carry a "murse".
    Live to ride, ride to live. Harley Road King And keep a .45 handy Kimber Custom TLE II

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    Sorry, but that man-purse thing doesn't match my shoes.

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