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This is a discussion on Concealed Carry Vests within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by tooldawg99 Vests generally mean tourists, especially in Tourist Towns. That's worse than having them think you are carrying....

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Thread: Concealed Carry Vests

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooldawg99 View Post
    Vests generally mean tourists, especially in Tourist Towns.
    That's worse than having them think you are carrying.

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    Unless you're in a wedding, in court, a safari or on the sideline photographing a sporting event, wearing a vest is a good give-a-way that you're packing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ECHOONE View Post
    There really not functionally for anything other then a pocket pistol. End of Story!
    Actually owning more than one I can tell you that they ARE functional. My 5.11 Vest carries a Glock 27 and spare magazines quite well. The vest carried the weight evenly and access wasn't difficult although it was slower than my IWB holster. This is not my personal choice for carry but it can be done quite easily if that's your preference. I could also carry my 1911 with no problem or printing.
    As a cover garment, (my choice) or for carrying a lot of items some people like to carry like flashlight, pepper spray, your cell phone and any other number of items it's great.

    In the right environment or area they are a very useful garment and only indicates a gun might be carried by it's wearer to gun savvy folks. I've never been outed wearing mine, even by the local Police. I hate the way people regurgitate a phrase they've heard without any actual evidence that the phrase true.
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    My plan is to carry at least 2 different guns.

    I think maybe a shoulder holster to carry a Glock 29 & 20 might work under a vest with mags in the interior compartments or in a versapack.
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    In the Fall/Winter, a fleece vest from Columbia is fantastic to cover IWB carry. I've tried a photographer's vest during the warmer months, and never could get used to it. Now, I just keep all those pockets loaded up with essentials for a bug-out type situation, and leave it hanging in the closet next to my 72 hr kit.

    A square bottom camp type shirt is all that is needed, especially in the heat of a Texas Summer.
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    I use a travel vest when I travel. It keeps all the metal objects and everything else I want to carry on board a plane and it is easy to remove and place through the xray machine. After my dad saw me wearing it on all my vacation pictures he got one too. The iphone, ear plugs, passport, wallet, keys, etc all have their own spot. It makes moving through the airport a breeze.

    A secondary use of the vest is as a cover garment for OWB carry. Only a fellow concealed carrier that I shoot with seems to notice, or has mentioned anything.
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    I use a Domke photo jacket. It comes below my butt and the sleeves zip off to form a vest.

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    I just recieved a Blue Stone Safety products Concealment vest. I kinda like wearing vests in the fall and early winter. The LTL company i drive for offers them with their uniforms so i wear them . I bought it because i had a hard time finding a decent holster for the Sigma.40 after i added the Crimson trace. I do have the one Nylon Holster for the Sigma that works with the Crimson trace but i'm not liking it. It reminds me of the Bianchi holster i used years ago when i was serving as an M.P. on active duty. I hope i dont have holster issues when i get my BU9 Nano.

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    OK, I like a vest for a lot of reasons and carrying my gun is one of those reasons. I have one major problem with a vest, however. I prefer shoulder holsters and most vests have arm holes that are too big and they tend to be revealing. If I could find a vest with half sleeves or quarter sleeves or even arm openings that were smaller, I would be much happier and much more comfortable carrying my pistol. On a belt, no problem with a vest. I want to find a vest that conceals my shoulder holster better. Anyone have any good ideas?

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    I have at least one-half dozen vests for different seasons, and they generally complement my attire, other than maybe in July or August. Fleece Carharts, wool Wyoming Traders, a couple three leather ones, you name it. I wear a lot of jeans, flannels and Stetson's, so the vests just kind of fit right in. If I want to dress up, I might go with a silk Victorian vest or the like too. it all works out here.

    In Ohio, you might be mistaken for something else if you go around in a leather vest.
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    Vests of any sort are just not worn in the neighborhood where I spend the bulk of my time or really anywhere around these parts so I would really stand out wearing a vest and I would be calling lots of unwanted attention to myself so (for that reason) I'd never wear one.

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    Being a Texan and a biker I live in blue jeans and t-shirts even during the hottest part of the summer instead of desiring to appear like a yuppie type who wears a net shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals. So my Roma leather carry vest isn't the slightest bit conspicuous with either my black Stetson and cowboy boots when I'm out and about or one of my numerous motorcycle t-shirts and black motorcycle boots when I'm on the scooter much of the time.


    They're not that whoopee for a big Glock or 1911 because of the size and weight issue, but they're perfect for a .380 or slim 9mm. Carry pockets are generally too large and let the pistol move around too much, but that was quickly fixed with the insertion of a pocket holster secured through the inside pocket liner with Chicago screws. Whether I'm wearing a carry vest or one of my dress vests with western wear to cover my shoulder-holster, the vest concept is personally more comfortable than any kind of IWB carry - especially when riding the scooter or times when I'm in and out of the truck a lot.

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