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Comp-Tac Holster's Any good?

This is a discussion on Comp-Tac Holster's Any good? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have an M-TAC ... for almost 2 years; best holster I ever had ... and I have 3 boxes full of holsters. Great service as ...

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Thread: Comp-Tac Holster's Any good?

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    Have an M-TAC ... for almost 2 years; best holster I ever had ... and I have 3 boxes full of holsters.
    Great service as well.
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    Great holster. I run this big 3 pound 1911 comfortably with a gunbelt and with a T-shirt sometimes. I do house work with it on and it feels great.

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    I remember reading a post on another forum where the guy showed pictures of his Com-Tac paddle holster cracking in half where the paddle meets the main body of the holster.

    Seemed to be a negative post but then you found out he'd used the thing every day for years and it underwent plenty of abuse before it failed. He also got a free replacement after calling the company.

    Plastic "hook" component are going to fail. Either go lose or break. Even Alessi holsters with Talon Clips need to replaced every now and then. (the clips, not the holster)

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    I've got 3 Comp-Tacs. My setable cant paddle is used almost daily for a couple of years now. I love the look and feel of leather but these are tough, fast and comfortable so I deal with the ugly.
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    I've never owned one, but a local gun shop has a few in stock (hybrid, forget which model) and they look really nice up close.
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    What EVERYBODY esle said. I love my MTAC.

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    What he said...
    MTAC w/ a good gun belt with shorts and t-shirt all day.
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    My PPS spends most of it's time in an MTAC. Fits well, holds well, quite comfortable. I'd definately get another.

    Check out this string if you're considering Velcro clips, tho: Velcro issues with MTAC on Beltman. The issue has also been mentioned when using Wilderness belts with Velcro loop sewn in.

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    A full size XD 9 mm rides in my MTAC very comfortably. Rode my motorcycle today wearing jeans while carrying. Very comfortable. Earlier today I was wearing cargo shorts while carrying. Also very comfortable. I really like it and when needed will purchase another.

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    Thanks for the fed back

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    I've been using Comp-Tac belt holsters in IDPA for the past 2 years and I just picked up an MTAC. They are a great company to deal with and their products have been worth every penny.

    I don't have that much time with the MTAC but it seems pretty nice from the limited time that I've played with it.

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    Out of many different holsters I carry in Comp-Tac more than the other box full of holsters. For my three favorite pistols, I have a Comp-Tac paddle and a CTAC for each. This two holster combination handles most carry situations. I am looking at leather for my Hi-Power pistols.

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    I love mine too. I have an MTAC for my G26 and i could not be more happy. I thought the clips were going to fail, but they are still going. I am not even careful with them anymore. They seem to be plastic in a good way, (tough and flexable) not in a cheapie way! lol
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