I just received a Galco Stow-n-go IWB holster for my XD40sc as a standby until my Tucker Answer comes in. Turns out it also fits my 45C. For $24, it's a decent holster. The mouth is reinforced with some type of ploymer strip. The holster still collapses a bit since nothing else is reinforced, but that helps make it comfortable with a small profile. The holster is made of a nice suede like natural cowhide in and out. The rough outside definitely helps keep the holster in place without being too rough on your skin. The clip
is a polymer, but should do the job. It rides just a bit high, but at least you get a full grip versus a Desantis Insider that rode too low. My only negative is that the clip is a bit oversized. Looks set up for a thick 1.75" belt, but still works alright with a good 1.5" belt. Just though I'd share if someone needs a standby holster while they are waiting for something better.