Well, first I have to say I have always loved my Brommeland Max Con. I have owned two. So in no way am I saying or implying any negative comments towards it. I would just like to share my thoughts with those who may be up in the air, art vs ugliness LOL Also had a Brigade as well.

Just got my CBST Combat Cut today for my Glock 19 and a mini tuck for my Kahr PM9. Yes, I think they are ugly, but it will be concealed. Quality appears to be good. Simple holsters really, so I really cant compare it to my Max Con which has the boning in the leather. As far as looks go, the Brommeland kills it. But this morning, when the postman dropped off my package containing my two new holsters, I opened it eagerly. I unsnapped my Max Con V and pulled my rig out. Then I awkwardly inserted the supertuck realizing it doesnt slip in n out as easily as my MCV. Once I got it in place I inserted the Glock. All I can say is I immediately noticed the difference! It distributed the weight of the pistol over a wider area giving the impression that I had a lighter firearm on my side. As the day went on, it just got more comfortable and I realized as I starred at my MCV, that I may never put that one on again Now, the retention on the MCV is tighter, so I am going to get the hair dryer out and tighten the retention on the CBST. Draw is way quicker though on the CBST, I mean quick which is nice. Smooth and quick. Also, note I raised the front clip so the cant would similar to my MCV. Did the same to my mini tuck. Now as far as the mini tuck and the PM9 go, do I even have a gun on me???? Its like nothing is there!!! The only complaint is there is a little too much leather where you would grab the pistol grip of the PM9. THis combined with the small pistol grip doesnt allow me to get an immediate positive grip on the PM9, so I am going to have to do some trimming. But nothing major. My EDC is the 19 and is what I will carry most the time. I bought the PM9 to pocket and will also use it with my mini tuck when I want to tuck my shirt in due to the slimmer profile.

I wore the CBST from 10am to 630pm. No problems whatsoever, but Im not new to carrying. When I got home and as of right now, I have the mini and PM9 on to help break it in. In the morning, the 19 will go back on.

Well, just wanted to give you all my thoughts. I bought my Dad a Supertuck for fathers day and he loves it. However, everytime he looked at my MAx Con V, I could tell he wasnt 100% sold on the CBST since this was his first time carrying IWB. It was a cosmetic thing. He would constantly say how good looking the MCV was and how he wished the CBST came in leather. I was constantly telling him how the majority swear by the CBST and many are those who have owned them all. Well, today, he was shocked when he saw my new CB's. (we work together, well he's my boss, so I work for him). I could tell he was surprised. Well, after wearing all day and me constantly telling him how much more comfortable the CBST was, I could tell he was now 100% satisfied with his CBST. I even offered him to borrow the MCV to try it out, and he said no thanks and I could tell he was no longer truly interested.