Is this a viable option?

Is this a viable option?

This is a discussion on Is this a viable option? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was looking for ways to best conceal my G19 with a suit, I looked into the supertuck already but was also considering this: How ...

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Thread: Is this a viable option?

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    Is this a viable option?

    I was looking for ways to best conceal my G19 with a suit, I looked into the supertuck already but was also considering this:

    How viable would it be to use a shoulder holster BETWEEN an undershirt and a button down shirt?

    I understand the draw would be slower but aside from that does anyone think it would print excessively? be too uncomfortable? Some other issue?

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    I carried a G27 for about 6 months and considered both of your options and tried one.

    I carried iwb with a kholster (the same idea as the supertuck). Not bad, but it gave me a back ache having the gun in the 4-5 position.

    I thought I'd like to try a shoulder rig, but then sold my G27 and now I pocket carry a P3AT.

    If you go shoulder holster, try this for faster weapon retrieval...

    1. remove your button and sew them on the outside of your shirt over your button holes

    2. sew velcro on the inside of your shirt in place of the buttons you removed

    Now all you have to do is pull the shirt open with your weak hand and draw the gun with the strong hand.

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    It could work, but a G19 might be a little big to carry/conceal under a shirt that way. Try it. I have done it but my CTAC did a better job with or without my sport coat on.

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    It CAN work, but as you suspect, it will be slow, and awkward. it will also print. Depending on the cut of the shirt you'll be able to see the bulge of the holster, the butt of the gun and possibly even the straps.
    Will the gun be "visible? No..will it still be obvious? Probably.
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    Many years ago while working as a uniformed cop I carried a back-up (S&W Model 37 2") in a horizontal shoulder holster underneath my uniform shirt. This worked well enough with uniform shirts that were rather loose-fitting.

    The Glocks would be a challenge. They are thick and bulky, and moderately heavy when fully loaded.
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