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In need of help after tonights situation

This is a discussion on In need of help after tonights situation within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ive found with a little practice drawing from 3:30-4:00 iwb is near effortless in my car...i also find it very comfortable driving that way and ...

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Thread: In need of help after tonights situation

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    ive found with a little practice drawing from 3:30-4:00 iwb is near effortless in my car...i also find it very comfortable driving that way and have made several long hour trips without even noticing my gun behind me(in a mustang....not a roomy vehicle by any means) in a case like yours i would be drawn and low ready with the gun out of sight...and i dont intend to allow someone to get all the way to my vehicle and leaning on my door before i say something regarding their approach...i understand the indows down engine off thing but at the first sign of possible trouble i might be inclined to at least start the vehicle....

    pretty bold move on this guys part...i'm sure for many its intimidating enough to shame people into dropping a dallar on him...the whole in your face thing is bothersome to me....

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    At your lower left in the car there should be a driver's-side door pocket. I keep a 6" switchblade there.
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    I carry my G19 at 3:00 to 4:00 depending. when I get my PM9 it will be weak side pocket or ankle
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    ankle carry

    I have been carrying a second gun or third gun on my ankle for some time now. On duty I am seated in a car a lot and its not easy to draw from my duty holster without drawing some attention. I can move my leg up a bit and draw from my ankle holster without anyone being the wiser. When I get approached in my car I often do this. I prefer a revolver for ankle carry as it works well even gummed up with lint, mud or most anything that could get in there during a shift. I have used two different holsters. First is the renegade 50 cozy partner. This holster works great for me off duty, but I found that with the boots I wear on duty it can push the barrel up and the gun from the holster. After having it shoot across a road when I jumped out of the car I went to the galco ankle lite. The ankle lite is a bit more bulky but for duty use I have no issues. It also seems to hug my boots and leg a bit better and is more padded since it uses neoprene.

    I will say, if you ankle carry it is not for a primary gun, use it only for a secondary as it is not fast to draw from.
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    First off I deal with many people needing honest help and asking for money, it has been my practice to carry gift cards or the like so it is not cash. Times are indeed tough and I do want to help where I can. I do however try to keep something in between me and who ever I am talking to also. Good SA up to the phone call, voice mail is fine and fields many of my calls.

    I also beleive in carrying 2 guns bc of the variety of situations one may need to access a gun. I know malfunctions can happen but that is a secondary reason I carry 2. I love cargo pants/shorts bc they provide extra pockets, cargo pockets are very accessible sitting, I like to move my front pocket gun to my cargo pocket when driving... still concealed but easily accessible. I sometime place a handgun inbetween my seat and the console or the like.

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    The few months that we are not wearing layers here in MN can be tough! Wearing cover garments as a matter of survival from the cold is a way of life here!!! It has been in the 90s pretty steady lately.

    I jam a DeSantis Nemisis holster between the seat and the center console in my car and truck, it works like a charm. I am sure they dont make a pocket holster for a G-22, but you may be able to pop a few stiches on a holster for a compact Glock and let the barrel stick through.

    Remember that MN law is a little vauge.. The pistol must be on or about your person. Police tend to forget the "or about your person" part of that law. I keep my pistol on my person or touching me in a way that I can draw it without reaching. I think this would satisfy a judge if an officer took issue with the location of my pistol. Stuck between the seat and console, it is touching my thigh and very easy to draw.

    Dont let the bums and vagrants bug you too much. I am in Downtown all day in the streets, if I drew on every crazy bum I would pull several times a week. Be ready but not paranoid. Dont give yourself an ulcer, most are harmless. I changed my apperance when they became a problem for me and encounters reduced by 75%. I started shaving my head and grew a big bushy gotee. I also wear sleeveless shirts to let my tatoos hang out. Combine that with the fact that I am 6'1'' 230 lbs, they leave me alone. I thing looking a little scary is a good first line of passive defence.
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    Ilike the idea of a car holster....put the 27 in a kydex holster (cheap uncle mikes) velcroed to the console next to your right leg when you are driving. When you stop reholster to your CBST, and exit...that way you dont leave a gun loose in the car but still have easy accessibility.
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    I carry a BUG in an ankle holster, but it becomes my primary gun while driving. The moment I sit in the car I pull the pant leg up over the grip for easy access. My EDC is a G27 - appendix carry.
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    One important thing is that your cover garment not be under the seat belt as that will restrict you access to you gun. Whether an open or closed cover garment, make sure it is outside the seatbelt.
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    This one works for me and my Walther P99. When I exit the car I simply twist the holster up and into a very easy to draw from cross draw holster.



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