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Is it OK if I start a new post for Ladies CC?

This is a discussion on Is it OK if I start a new post for Ladies CC? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am way not your body style at all. First of all I'm male. Secondly I have more than a hundred pounds on you, so ...

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Thread: Is it OK if I start a new post for Ladies CC?

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    I am way not your body style at all. First of all I'm male. Secondly I have more than a hundred pounds on you, so I have limited suggestions for you.

    However, that said, and has others have mentioned. We all seem to have a drawer in our bedrooms which is nothing more than the various holsters we have acquired over the years in the quest to find that holster which gives us the best fit.

    Also, while you may not want or plan on spending $100 - $150 for a holster, buying two or three $30 - $40 holsters which don't work for you and you're quickly getting into that $100 + price range. So in the end, it may be best to go ahead and take the plunge. The absolute bottom line is to not get discouraged and give up carrying your gun because you can't find the right holster. That is not the correct decision to make. One suggestion I would make is to give Rocky a call from Pure Kustom Holsters. He's a long standing member here and one of our excellent holster makers. One holster in particular I will mention is the Black Ops Pro because it has 28 different adjustments for OWB, IWB and Tuckable features to adjust the cant and how high or low the holster rides... And it isn't so wide it feels like you're wearing an entire cow hide around your waist. It's not that I'm singling out Rocky over all the other great and fabulous holster artists who are members here, it's just that that one holster in particular has such a wide range of adjustment I haven't seen in other holsters. I have holsters from 3 of our fellow members here and they are all excellent and awesome in their own right. And one day in the near future I plan on having one of Rocky's as well as many others.

    Once you have a custom made holster, you will understand why they are premium priced. But that is merely my opinion.

    Another point is that, the longer you delve into the world of personal defense and accepting the responsibility to have the ability to take care of yourself because you know that police are merely a reaction force who are called after the crime has occurred, you will start to see concealed carry develop into a lifestyle you will come to embrace and accept. You will feel safer and more protected having your gun with you all the time than you not carrying a gun. Then you may be willing to make or accept certain changes to your fashion style and type of clothing you wear than you did all those years before you learned the truth about personal safety and crime.

    Finally, when you spend money, especially when you consider it to be a lot of money on a holster which does not work out for you, don't forget you can always sell it to recoup at least most, if not all of your money you spent on it. We have a section here where members sell and or trade merchandise, firearms, and accessories all the time. Also if not here, there are other places to sell such as ebay and other online auctions or classified ads.

    Good luck in your holster quest. A belated Welcome Aboard to our little corner of the world here and I hope you decide to stay with us for a long time. There are lots of great people here and the knowledge you can gain here, you literally can't put a price on.

    Hang in there! And as retsupt99 often says... "Stay Safe and Stay Armed."

    EDIT: One last item. When creating a title for the threads you start, be sure to state what the topic is about. You'll get more viewers who are focused on what you want to know rather than just stopping by randomly. For example, If you had mentioned something along the lines of
    needing holster help for women, you might get a lot more posts if people knew up front what you needed to know. Just a suggestion! Cheers!
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    I throw in my .02 cents here. I'm a male and trying to stay under 180lbs. at 5'9" I'm not quite your mirror image.

    Two years ago I called Kevin at K&D Holsters and asked if he'd be able to 'adjust' one of his holsters for me. I wanted one of his Eagle Defenders....but.....I wanted a holster that rode a little higher and was canted (tilted forward) just a little more. After discussing it over the phone for a bit he said "no problem" and 6 weeks later I got a custom leather holster that was better than anything 'leather' I'd owned prior. The only 'complaint' I have is I didn't think at the time to ask for a 'sweat guard'.....extra leather that keeps the slide of the gun from touching bare skin. Oh well, It's what I asked for and it's still get's plenty of use. I love that holster. Very comfortable.

    My specifics, higher riding and 'extra canted' was for the purpose of wearing 'not baggy' tees 'n such during our hot Georgia summers and keep the gun close to the body.(I like to carry just behind the hip as well.....4 o'clock) If you call any reputable leather crafter and talk with him about your specifics.....which sounded alot like mine......I'll wager you'll get what your looking for. You may need to make a few calls to diffrent crafters and wait a little longer, but in the end it'll be well worth it. Look through thier web sites before calling.

    When I speak of 'high riding', I look at (eyeball judgement) where the trigger guard is in relation to the belt loops.....that's a good indication of how 'high' your sidearm will 'ride'. Most 'off-the-shelf' holsters place the trigger guard at or below the lower beltline. Having the trigger guard ride at the upper beltline did make a diffrence. Also look at the spacing of the belt loops. Too wide or too clost together and the sidearm 'may' not ride as closely or securly as you want. This is all in relation to your Kimber and your body size.

    Hope this helps a little. Keep us informed on your search and Good Luck. Yours is a good question, keep asking.

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    holster suggestion

    Why not start a holster exchange? I have several holsters that I don't use every day. If someone is interested in trying a holster that I have, I'll send it, and they can try it, to see if they like it before they spend big bucks on one.

    I have a Kirkpatrick TSS for a 1911 4"
    and a Kirkpatrick Undercover also for a 4" 1911

    a High Noon for a S&W SW99
    Fobus for 1911
    Blackhawk for a Springfield XD9

    Just a thought
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    Having a long torso, behind the hip OWB and a cover shirt (like Limatunes) should be a good method of carry for you.
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    Still getting used to Vbulletin posting. I mistakenly thought I could go back and edit the subject title. My bad! Seems as though only an admin/mod can change thread titles. So if an admin/mod wants to--plz feel free.

    I want to clarify again--I know I'm going to have to spend a bit of bank on holsters. I just want to make educated guesses/decisions, so my drawer of holsters will be mostly near misses --and not a total failure like the crossbreed supertuck was. lol!

    I will say, the Crossbreed supertuck rig itself felt great with a full size, all steel CZ 75b. It distributed the weight really well. There just wasn't any way for me to wear it. But for anyone with a wider back, bigger frame--that holster (and similar variations made by others) would be fantastic. As heavy as the CZ was, I could almost forget it was there with that holster--if the holster hadn't looked and felt like I crammed frying pan down my pants.
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    My wife has a real problem, she is a kidney cancer survivor, left kidney was removed 16 months ago cancer is gone Thank God!!!!

    We have been CHL holders for about 18 months, as she has healed from surgery a nerve in her left side will not allow her to ware a belt so waste carry is out.

    We have hunted for a answer, she would like to carry her T. Mil Pro 111 but it is to large and heavy for her so she carries a Kel Tec P3AT in her purse which has over the shoulder strap that she always carries in that fashion.

    She bought a Gelco belly band and a new gun purse, she is struggling with the belly band and attempting to work with the purse.

    We have looked at shoulder holsters but they tend to hit her in the left side at surgery site, and ankle holster or out because of dress types she ware.

    BTW she shoots that kel Tec P3AT very well and we work together as a team covering each others backs when out and about.

    She really wants a good on body carry for P3AT and also for a bigger gun.

    Any thing we over looked or ideas would be appreciated.
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    Good thread with lots of good info. I've been working on helping my wife find a carry method. She wants to be armed, but her fashion sense gets in the way. The big problem is getting her to change her wardrobe. She's 5'7", 130lbs, slender with an athletic build, but a very short torso. She insists on wearing low rise shorts & pants usually without a belt (apparently they help lengthen the torso) so typical IWB or OWB gets thrown out the window.

    I started carrying using a SmartCarry for deep concealment and since tucked in shirts is a must where I work. For the sake of testing I had her try on the SmartCarry and she actually liked it...but only outside her pants not inside. I'm a fairly big and a guy so needless to say my pants are made to accommodate the size of the SC more than her pants. Wearing a SC outside the pants open kind of defeats the purpose, but it got us thinking about fanny packs. Fanny pack carry is similar to purse carry in that it's a multi-purpose bag that is commonly carried and therefore not usually considered a gun bag. There are those that think that fanny's scream gun, but seriously even so since it's strapped to the person it's much less of a chance of a gun grab. Also the draw from a fanny can be fairly quick or at least as quick as drawing from a tucked IWB holster. Now it's a given that typical fanny packs pretty much stink in the looks department. Apparently, there's been a resurgence of stylish & fashionable fanny packs (now called belt bags or hip bags). I know Gucci in particular has come up with their own version, but we're not about to drop several hundred $$$'s on one so I've been looking elsewhere. We experimented with one of her crossbody purses using a Crossbreed SuperTuck without the clips to cover the trigger and position the gun in the pocket and it works very well.

    These are just food for thought. I know she could downsize her Sig P239 and much more easily conceal a .380, but I'm not fond of going that route.
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    There are some minimalist holsters out there, maybe they are called "belt slide holsters"... they are just a clip and couple pieces of leather to fit narrow profile guns PPK's, 1911's but might could stretch for other firearms. They would sit lower on your waist, trigger guard at belt level... sounds like a high ride, snug fit, OWB may be best...

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    I know a woman who's about 4'8" and slim. She carries a .45 Kimber at 7:00, but it is horizontal and upside down as to draw with her right hand.

    You may still be able to return the Crossbreed.

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    searcher 45 -- What a brave and lucky lady your wife is!

    If anywhere around the waist is out, then purse carry may be her most reasonable solution--especially as it seems you've already done research into shoulder holsters--and those also haven't worked for her. But rather than just keep the pistol in her current purse, it's probably safer and more efficient for her to find a purse specifically designed for conceal carry, as these will separate the pistol from all the other invaluable items we ladies cram into our purses! In a stressful situation, she won't have to rummage around, she can just open the correct compartment and have immediate access.

    She's already used to carrying a purse and it's comfortable for her. But if she does decide to get a carry purse, she'll want to practice with it, so she feels comfortable and confident about how it works.

    Nerve damage:

    If this is not permanent damage, then that nerve/nerves may heal--but it can take a very long time. Post car accident I had extensive nerve damage to my right leg, and it was a good 3 years before I felt normal again. And it still hurts when there's a big barometric change. I'm not saying that to be scary--I actually really got excited every few months when I'd suddenly notice I could feel or do a little more! I really celebrated these moments!--it was just a very slow process and I was ready long before my body was to do all the things I used to do. I had trouble with belts too--but was gradually able to start wearing them again, loosely, just to get accustomed to the feel. I couldn't have done this a minute before my body was ready to let me. It is very frustrating to feel held-back by an ailment. But there will probably be real healing gains made over the next half year, and all the while, her body will be learning new ways to send signals and deal with the new variables it's been presented with. Waist carry may be painful or odd feeling now--but in a few more months it could be a different story. Bodies are amazing healing machines, as she already knows. :)
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    Thought I would include a "ladies" holster in this thread. Style must meet function and form...even for ladies. This one is inlay/overlay with red stingray and Cross conch. Pretty cool I think.Is it OK if I start a new post for Ladies CC?-img_2743.jpg

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    My wife wears "tunic" style tops and she says you will know what that is. It covers loose at the waist but tapers in at the bust ( I cannot believe I am writing this). She wears a sleeveless t-shirt under the top to protect her skin and carries a G-19 in a HighNoon Mr. Softy IWB holster at 4 o'clock............ I feel like Mr. Blackwell.
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    This is an excellent and versatile holster to start off with and works great just to figure things out - it's the FIST #11 Close Crop Combo. If you can't wear this one IWB with a single stack, then IWB probably isn't going to work. Another option would be a small of the back, but there are pros and cons with this design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freestate View Post
    I will say, the Crossbreed supertuck rig itself felt great with a full size, all steel CZ 75b. It distributed the weight really well. There just wasn't any way for me to wear it. But for anyone with a wider back, bigger frame--that holster (and similar variations made by others) would be fantastic. As heavy as the CZ was, I could almost forget it was there with that holster--if the holster hadn't looked and felt like I crammed frying pan down my pants.
    I just got a Supertuck, and it conceals my XD awesome untucked. I don't think I will be able to go "tucked" with it though, and that's what it's supposed to specialize in! I will agree with you about the frying pan statement, although it LOOKS fine it does feel pretty wide and awkward.
    Plus my new belt needs breaking in. Been wearin my old one for 6+ years so it fits like a glove, and it's pretty hefty for a woman's belt but it's still too wimpy for a gun belt.

    My belt is printing more than my gun is :P

    Note to self: Next time I'm at WalMart I need to replace my full length mirror that hubbs broke....duh!
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    This tuckable holster should work well for you, my wife is a small gal and she likes it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Is it OK if I start a new post for Ladies CC?-infidel-shirt-tucker.jpg  

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