Appendix IWB for Glock 26

This is a discussion on Appendix IWB for Glock 26 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry my G-23 in a High Noon Public Secret in the appendix posistion. I also carry my Diamondback BUG crossdraw on the off side ...

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Thread: Appendix IWB for Glock 26

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    I carry my G-23 in a High Noon Public Secret in the appendix posistion. I also carry my Diamondback BUG crossdraw on the off side appendix posistion in a Mr. Softy.
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    I'm really interested in the Archangel holster for my G26. I currently use a FIST K4 worn at 3:30 most of the time and don't care for it when worn at 1:00. I would probably get the Archangel for the G19 to give it a little more stability and to enable me to move up to a G19 should I ever do so. I'm sure the Archangel can be worn at 3:00 also, correct? I'd love to see a pic of this.

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    Too short for my weight....appendix carry is uncomfortable for me, so I carry at 2:30-3:00 in a High Noon "Down Under".
    Have one each for my Glocks & HK.
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    I've had my eye on one of these for awhile:

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    I use to carry a G26 AIW and also a S&W 38. It keeps the gun handy when driving also.
    e4gulf, I use the Widerness belts also but I put it through my belt loops from the "wrong" side so the excess flap is on the other side and does not make a bigger bulge.
    (I also do this when shooting revolver in IDPA, as my speedloaders ride there also)

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    Don hume

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    Check out Alabama Holster Company.

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    Hey guys, I have been carrying Appendix IWB for several years now. There was a trial and error period to get it right. I'll share what I learned with you -

    Will it work for you?

    1). If you are overweight, and I mean sumo material, AIWB will not be very comfortable.
    2). If you have to wear a business suit, it will not be a good choice either unless you opt for deep concealment.

    Advantages -

    1). With careful selection of clothing AIWB is by far more concealable than the typical "strong side" 3:00 - 5:00 carry.
    2). It is the fastes draw possible since your hand is closer to the gun and the gun closer to the target.
    3). Being on centerline, it is easier to draw from uncomfortable and compromised positions.
    4). In a fist/ground fight....which could happen, AIWB is easier to access, as well as defend.

    Holster Dynamics -

    Height - To conceal it best, the gun's grip should be very low...almost riding the belt. The problem will be a slowed draw and often in stressful training, you will grab the belt as well. OTOH, riding the pistol higher will aid in access but compromise concealability. I arrived at a compromise when I had my own rig built. Just enough room between the top of the belt and the grip to get your fingers in for the grab.

    Angle - We tried forward cant, backward rake, etc. The best solution to give to accessibility, concealment, and comfort was simply straight up and down carry.

    Anyway....that is it. We sell our own holsters of course. I designed them to provide all of these attributes. Here is another write up on a suitable rig that offers very deep concealment -

    Try AIWB however, if it fits your attire and body type, you will never go back to strong side hip.

    Gabe Suarez

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    I carry in the appendix position with one I made. I wear it with just shorts and a t-shirt here in Florida. Works great and I find it very comfortable for my 26.

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    i use the galco stow and go it was 23.00 from
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    Quote Originally Posted by kane4111 View Post
    i use the galco stow and go it was 23.00 from

    Same here, I have a Galco stow-n-go for my XD40sc for appendix carry in really hot weather. A Tucker Answer IWB for the rest of the time.
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