Comfort Carry Holster Review

Comfort Carry Holster Review

This is a discussion on Comfort Carry Holster Review within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I wanted to give a clear and hopefully concise review on the Comfort Carry Holster Kydex/Leather holster. I will compare this holster to the Comp-Tac ...

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Thread: Comfort Carry Holster Review

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    Comfort Carry Holster Review

    I wanted to give a clear and hopefully concise review on the Comfort Carry Holster Kydex/Leather holster. I will compare this holster to the Comp-Tac Minotaur, and the Crossbreed holster. Both of which I have used.

    A little background that may help. I am 6'5 230, I Conceal Carry 7 days a week. I wear normal fitting clothes (nothing real baggy), I have carried a XD45c, Kahr CW9, and a Glock 19.

    I am not LEO, just an average Joe who was so confused when it came to finding the right holster, that it took me three tries before I finally settled on which holster company I felt had the best holster for my needs. I know not everyone will agree with my opinion but thats whats great about America you can choose your own opinion. No need to be a hater, but would love to hear your thoughts as well. Now on to the review

    Comp-Tac - top shelf leather and Kydex used. Craftsmanship I felt was of high quality. Did not feel like any corners were cut. Kydex mold fit was good

    Crossbreed - Ok materials, IMHO not on par with the Comp-Tac, or with the Comfort Carry. Kydex mold fit was good. Seemed like a few steps may have been skipped in the leather work. Not critical steps just small things that the other two companies seemed to do.

    Comfort Carry - Great materials, leather was a little thicker than the leather used by Comp-Tac. No corners cut, excellent Craftsmanship. Kydex was a great fit, better than the other two. I later found out Rob Durham (Comfort Carry Owner) vacuum molds each piece of Kydex off a blue gun. Which means no matter what gun you have (light mounted, laser, etc. You can have a custom molded holster for YOUR gun) Thats a big deal to me

    Winner - Comfort Carry

    WEAR: (break in on all three holsters was to wear all the time, around the house watching tv, and all day at work, I carry at the 5 o'clock position)

    Comp-Tac - Stiff out of the bag, it took a couple weeks and the holster molded nicely to my spare tire. Has a nice piece of leather covering all the backs of the screws and was great as a sweat guard.

    Crossbreed - Since the leather was thinner and flimsier than the Comp-Tac, the holster didn't take look to mold to my body, yet was not as comfortable as the Comp-Tac or the Comfort Carry. Crossbreed does not have the piece of leather on the back like the other two do.

    Comfort Carry - Much like the Comp-Tac it was a thicker leather, and took a couple weeks for me to forget I had it on. Has the leather sweat guard, which I really like.

    Winner - Comfort Carry/Comp-Tac


    Comp-Tac - has their own created clips which are great

    Crossbreed - Metal clips that seem to loosen easily. Used a little lock tight and I was good to go

    Comfort Carry - The one I have has the metal clips which seem to loosen easily but the company has since gone to using the Comp-Tac clips. My opinion a great choice. I was surprised when I called the companies number I actually got a hold of Rob the owner. Great guy to talk with, and answered all my questions.

    Winner - Comp-Tac/Comfort Carry


    I am not going to bash a company for trying to make a buck so I will not discuss price, but I will discuss bang for your buck.

    Comp-Tac is the most expensive and in my opinion worth it

    Crossbreed - Middle price range, and I feel you don't get as much as you do with the other two companies

    Comfort Carry - The best value...Well under the price of the other two, but could EASILY sell for the price Comp-Tac sells their stuff for.


    1. Comfort Carry
    2. Comp-Tac
    3. Crossbreed

    Overall winner COMFORT CARRY. This was an easy decision. I have sold the other two holsters and don't see any reason to buy anything other than Comfort Carry.

    I feel the quality of work, materials used, and price it was a landslide.

    I am not knocking the other companies, and I am sure some of you feel the other companies make incredible stuff, but I would encourage you to compare ANY holster to the ones made by Durham Concealed Technologies. I think you will come to the same opinion I did that there is not a better holster made than what they put out.

    Here is their website:

    They also make mag carriers, and other holsters other than the ones reviewed.

    Thanks, and hope this helps

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    Crooked Soul;

    Nice thoughtout review. Thanks for posting.
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    Nice review. Good points with each model. I'll have to check the Comfort Carry site. Looking for a good holster for a S&W 4566.
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    Great review! Great to hear from someone who has 1st hand experience with all three holsters. Here is a link to another great review of the Comfort Carry holster.

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