Newest UBG Regulator (Complete with Range Mud)

Newest UBG Regulator (Complete with Range Mud)

This is a discussion on Newest UBG Regulator (Complete with Range Mud) within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have to say, I love me some UBG. This is our (mine and JD's) 6th! UBG holster and 3rd Regulator. I got one of ...

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Thread: Newest UBG Regulator (Complete with Range Mud)

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    Cool Newest UBG Regulator (Complete with Range Mud)

    I have to say, I love me some UBG.

    This is our (mine and JD's) 6th! UBG holster and 3rd Regulator.

    I got one of his first Regulators for my 1911 way back in the day and I must say I do believe Nate has found a pretty permanent customer with me.

    When JD surprised me with my Glock 19 I instantly knew where to go for a holster.

    I have loved the comfort and concealability of the UBG Regulator for my Wilson so much I figured it was a good place to start for a great holster for my Glock.

    I sent out an order around the 22nd of July for one Regulator with Ostrich trim (I'd never had ostrich on a holster before) in addition to one single mag pouch and one double mag pouch for when I start shooting IDPA with JD this month (YEAH!!!).

    Yesterday, around noon I was very pleasantly surprised to fine a box in my mail with all three items.

    Every time I see a new UBG holster I am impressed at how well made they are and even though all of his work is stunning and beautiful i think he keeps getting better with each new holster. The finish was flawlessly black and shiny. The dye was deep and rich with nothing rubbing off. The stitching was even and clean. Just a stunning looking holster. I had never seen ostrich on a holster before either so it was an experience to admire the new look. I'm honestly not sure what the loops are made of but they don't look like cow and they don't look like the ostrich on the trim so I sent an email to inquire out of curiosity though they still look really neat.

    Initially, as you can expect, the holster was so tight I could barely fit my Glock in but that lets me know it was made snug and would fit my Glock like a glove once broken in.

    I had a training this afternoon so I needed to break my holster in fast. One night with a wax paper wrapping and my holster fit perfect.

    I strapped on my double mag pouch and new holster and Glock and headed to my training where I was drawing from running, seated positions and even from the ground after throwing myself backward into the dirt.

    The best part was that not only did I not have to worry about my holster holding my firearm but I also didn't have to worry about it flopping around or digging into my body or in any way making me uncomfortable.

    Even while I was throwing myself on the ground I didn't have to worry about being poked, the holster retained my firearm perfectly while giving it up smoothly upon drawing and firing.

    The mag pouch was also just as you would expect from UBG which means it held on when it was suppose to hang on and let go when it was supposed to let go.

    The ostrich is a beautiful trim and in hind sight I should have gotten it in another color just for the dramatic and beautiful look it would have provided though it still looks stunning even in black. But Nate did exactly what I told him to and that was to make it all Black (despite the fact he even advised me to go for some color but I was the silly one who declined.. note to self: listen to the holster maker!!).

    Anyway, a holster review thread is worthless without pictures so here you go.

    My newest UBG holster complete with mud and dirt from rolling around on the ground with it today, pleased beyond words that it is everything I've come to expect from a UBG holster!

    The flecking on the bottom of the holster is just mud. I cleaned it off and the finish is still perfect!

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    Sweet rig!

    I am definitely a HUGE fan of Nate and his holsters...
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    Looks great.
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    I seriously considering getting a UBG holster for OWB carry for cooler weather for my glock 26. I'm trying to decide between the Regulator and the Bonneville. I like the easy off/on snaps of the regulator but the high ride of the Bonneville seems like it might be a bit more concealable.
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    Nate is an exemplary leather craftsman/artist. I think the holster looks great black on black. Understated elegance.
    Holsters and magskins are only ever as good as they function under extreme rigors and obviously the leather by UBG is as utilitarian and functional as it is well crafted.
    Congrats on a nice purchase.

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    Nice set-up, Lima.
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    Great looking rig.

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    Wow, that's nice. Congrats!
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    Nice looking rig Lima...saw your video on youtube and post on FB, great job!
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    Very awesome rig. Love it when something that nicely made can take all the rough stuff and still wipe off and go back to being a great lookinng piece of leatherwork.
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    That's a rig to be proud of for sure! I think you made a color good choice cause you can never go wrong with black on black...
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    Just ordered a regulator this morning also black on black but with shark trim. Can't wait to get mine.

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    Very NICE !!!!!

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    Nice rig
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    I like the way Nate incorporates that nice curve into the holster/magazine carrier. Must fit really well. Congrats Lima.
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