Uncle Mike Holsters?

Uncle Mike Holsters?

This is a discussion on Uncle Mike Holsters? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For my S&W CS45 I mostly use a Fobus paddle holster - but on occation I might use an Uncle Mike's soft holster size 15 ...

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Thread: Uncle Mike Holsters?

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    Uncle Mike Holsters?

    For my S&W CS45 I mostly use a Fobus paddle holster - but on occation I might use an Uncle Mike's soft holster size 15 IWB for Cross Draw.

    Uncle Mike's holsters don't seem to be very popular and sometimes take a bashing from some people cause of being so inexpensive or other reason.

    I'd like to know - how many of you actually use an undle mike soft IWB holster "most" of the time?

    Or how many use Uncle Mike's other holsters???

    Thanks in advance.
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    Got one screwed inside my console to accommodate several different gun for car carry. Other than that I'm a leather guy all the way.
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    Bought an Uncle Mike's model 36 so I could carry my wife's SP101 at times and wore it once. Very unacceptable to me. It would only carry with the butt of the weapon a couple of inches out from the body. Talk about printing!!!!!!!! It's leather only for me. You really do get what you pay for in holsters.
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    I've had a few over the years, but don't consider them generally suitable for carry. The clips were flimsy, the holsters wouldn't stay put, etc. Maybe if I was carrying something MUCH smaller/lighter, but nothing I've seen from UMs would serve for my P228.
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    Never had one that I could wear. Used them as temporary storage holsters only. If you need cheap go with a Don Hume leather IWB.

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    I have an Uncle Mike's nylon OWB for my GP100. Since I don't CC this gun and very rarely carry it, I see no point in spending the money for a good leather holster for it. This holster has the retention strap and for good reason; the gun would probably just fall out if it didn't. The only reason I bothered getting it is so the gun would have something to hold it in the drawer if needed.

    I would never carry a nylon IWB holster. They're too thick and "puffy" feeling and the retention is nonexistent. As far as I'm concerned, the Uncle Mike's holsters are no better than the "one size fits many" bags you find at the gun shows.
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    I had an Uncle Mikes #1 but decided I didn't want to iwb. I removed the clip by cutting the stitching, as someone here suggested, and it actually makes a fairly decent pocket holster. YMMV. Leather is better, and as always you tend to get what you pay for, but if you are "el-cheapo" as I often am, you can make it work. I also have an Uncle Mikes pocket holster (for a small auto) and it will do the job, but I usually prefer to use my good leather holster because it prevents printing. Again, YMMV.

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    I have a OWB nylon, For my 6in Heritage SAA ; )
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    I bought one of the shoulder rigs from Cabela's. The clips that clip to the belt line were flimsy--don't try to clip to your belt--that'll bend them all up. The nylon webbing (straps) were thin and I am not well insulated so they hurt after a few hours. I don't know how well that rig would compare to a leather rig, but I wouldn't want to try to draw quickly from it. Just not good for EDC.
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    I use an UM #1 for my Kel Tec PF9 for right now until my leather holster comes in. I guess it works ok for short bursts. But when my other holster comes in it will get tossed especially since its already got a small hole in it. Only cost me a few bucks so no tears here.
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    I have a shoulder rig that I carry my SP101 in while riding my motorcycle. Like most have said, it's not the best product. I am searching for a good leather rig. I have probably worn it 3 times in the 2 months that I have had it.
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    I've used and IWB and a pocket. I don't like the lack of retention. Guns slip out of them far too easily for my taste. I actually deposited a J frame into someone's couch cushions when sitting on a low couch in loose fitting dockers. That could have been a disaster! Fortunately I noticed the muzzle as I got up to leave and picked it up in a single motion without anyone noticing.

    Same problem with IWB.

    I do think the pocket version can be "okay" for a P3AT or LCP, etc. but I'd still recommend (and use) a better fitting leather pocket holster.


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    I bought one years ago for my .38 snub because I couldn't find a decent leather holster in the shop that fit. I carried it only twice because when I was getting out of my truck at walmart looking down I noticed my snub working its way completely out of the holster and hanging off my belt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tally XD View Post
    Never had one that I could wear. Used them as temporary storage holsters only. If you need cheap go with a Don Hume leather IWB.

    No question about it. Don Hume products are a very good route to go. I have two IWB Don Hume's with "clips" and they get a lot of use. I have used the Uncle Mike's IWB and I have had to "doctor" them up to work. It hasn't been worth the effort. Don Hume products are far superior.

    I do however, have an Uncle Mike's vertical shoulder holster that I like quite a bit.

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