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What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag?

This is a discussion on What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; TN Mike, +1 on the Blackhawk. Thats what I use for my spare mag for my XD40 and have no complaints. Even if I use ...

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Thread: What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag?

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    TN Mike, +1 on the Blackhawk. Thats what I use for my spare mag for my XD40 and have no complaints. Even if I use my Crossbreed Supertuck, I still carry my spare mag outside because I can slide it around and it covers well with just a t-shirt.
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    When I carry an extra mag, it goes in a nylon multitool holder OWB. It's inconspicuous and easily mistaken for a multitool.
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    In a spare gun.

    I also carry a backup mag for my P3AT in a front pocket carrier called a Rough Out.

    For primary it is in one of my Slide Single Mag carrier.

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    I usually stick the spare mag for my G26 in the watch pocket of my jeans. I've never used that pocket for anything else.
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    Money is tight now due to the economy and fighting cancer for the last year. I picked up a $15 flashlight at Lowe's and it works great for a mag pouch. Has a belt loop on the back side.
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    What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag?-flashlight-01.jpg  

    What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag?-flashlight-04.jpg  

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    If you carry in your pocket you really need some type of holder that will keep lint balls and other crud out of your mags. I don't recommend pocket carry, I have found the single mag carriers work much better for me that doubles. It's nice to place each one exactly where I want it. Leather Kydex, that's all a personal choice, I actually prefer the Kydex for my mag carriers and leather for my holsters. But we all need to find what works for us. I also like a slights forward cant of around 10 degrees. Like I said it works for me.
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    My method is probably totally ineffective, but I usually just let it swim around in my left rear pocket. I just hate have a bunch of crap attached to my belt. I feel like Batman or something.

    Carrying the single stock .40 Kahr mag isn't bad, but sitting on the double stack .45 from the Glock isn't too comfy, haha.

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    Here in Missouri, it's the weapon that has to be concealed, not magazines. So I don't understand when some people get over-paranoid about hiding mags. IWB mag pouches sound akin to Chinese water torture to me. I'm not concerned if people know I'm carrying. I conceal the weapon and that complies with the letter of the law.

    That said, I hand a double mag pouch OWB on my weak side. I don't really Blackhawk! is awesome, and they use carbon fibers in the construction, which IMO makes for a strong, lightweight pouch. Retention and release are great, even on the double stack, double mag version. I've used the single pouch, too and I liked it. Retention on the double mag pouch is adjustable. I don't recall adjustable retention on their single mag pouch but it worked flawlessly.

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    That's some really cool ideas. When I am off duty I do not carry an extra mag, I carry and extra gun.
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    Front pocket, I use an old front pocket wallet, I have also made some out of some thick and stiff leather pieces, occasionally in my back pocket or cargo pocket...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ananael View Post
    What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag?
    When pocket carrying, it's with smaller/lighter guns and correspondingly smaller/lighter magazines (single-stack). Think of a belt slide magazine holster for two magazines, but without the belt slits in the backing. That's essentially how I prefer to carry a pair of spare magazines when carrying the CC gun in the pocket, with the dual-mag carrier in the off-hand pocket. Works fairly well for me. Yes, tugging the magazine at the right angle is required to leave the pouch in the pocket, but it's comfortable and simple.

    When going OWB/IWB, I'm with my larger pistols and it's almost certain to be double-stack magazines. To carry two of these, I've found the best way for me to be a decent belt slide, dual-mag pouch made of leather with a sweat guard to be the most comfortable and effective. I suppose I'd also prefer the in-pocket approach I describe above, but with dual double-stack, that's a big wad to stuff into the pocket along with everything else I'm carrying.

    In the past, I've also carried a 5-shot S&W revolver, typically in the pocket but occasionally IWB. Always, two spare sets of 5 rounds was carried in Bianchi strips in the off-hand pocket. Faster would have been speed loaders, certainly, but at the time I was comfortable with the strips and 5 shots.

    With single-stack magazines, I am a fan of pocket carry for the magazines. Agreed, that it's important to keep the lint and other crud out of the magazines. As others have noted ... as with any other mode of carry, it's also important to regularly check and clean any gunge on the equipment and holster/pouch along with appropriate lubrication, to ensure reliability.
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    Like this:
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    My favorite is this:blackhawk.com Double-Stack-Mag-Case-Matte-Finish

    Mine are all black, they clip on easily and really hold on well. No danger of them coming off the belt when you go to pull the mag out.
    Yep, that what it use too, Plus this.

    I keep extra mag and flashlight in the other.
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    Had to look no farther than my toolbox for these .45 and .380 mag holders.

    I like the classic + incognito look.

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    Weakside front pocket using Desantis Pocket Holster

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