What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag?

This is a discussion on What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Tactical Kydex is now back up and running. Don't know if any has posted that fact or not. Sorry if it has been mentioned....

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Thread: What's your favorite way to carry an extra mag?

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    Tactical Kydex is now back up and running. Don't know if any has posted that fact or not. Sorry if it has been mentioned.

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    I use a nylon cell phone holder from Wally- World that has a clip to snap on my belt & it cost apx $10.00 & it hold's different sizes mags with no problem's.

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    I stuff it right down inside my tidy whitey's, right up next to Big Ben. That way it really looks like I'm 'packing.'

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    I just ordered and received earlier today (10/20/10) a Galco horizontal single magazine holder. I wanted this style so it would not stick into my "belly" when sitting or driving and would lay accross my belt and hopefully be less noticable.

    Galco website:

    Where I ordered it from (quick and great pricing)-scroll down for the various model and color options:

    I have learned that I must carry on my strong side right in front of my holster (which is perfect for me). My cell-phone is on my left side hip.

    I did not want or need a double mag carrier (for horizontal wear) nor did I want a single mag carrier that rides vertical... so this was my best option... and after 1 day, so far so good.

    Personally, my firearm hols 16+1.... so I hopefully will not need to reload... but if I do, I will have 16 more at the ready. I do not see myself carrying the extra magazine all the time, but I did want it for when I do.
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    If your wearing jeans you can stick the mag in the watchpocket on the right side of the pants ammo down and the mag behind your belt. Works best with single stack mags like the 1911. Thats Old School from way back.

    That is a prime example of the K.I.S.S. style of carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adaman04 View Post
    This. Doubles won't contour to your body the way a single will. Some people really seem to like the Maxpedition single sheaths because they'll hold a mag horizontally. I use a Gould & Goodrich single leather pouch.
    I am a MAxpedituon fan myself. They work great for my friend but ok for me.

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    For my LCP I have a custom made RKBA leather holster that is basically like the pocket roo advertisement you see on this site. I also have an RKBA mag carrier that I use if I have cargo pants on that have 2 extra little pockets below each cargo pocket that perfectly fit my extra mag carrier or my zippo.

    For my SR9c I use a basic mag pouch from Cabelas that just goes through my belt loops.

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    I carry my Glock 23 in a Don Hume H721 OT and extra mag in the Don Hume D417 mag holder.
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    Im thinking of getting one of the single mag carriers from Cross breed It matches my Supertuck.
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    I got 2 plastic mag cases with snaps that stay on my belt and work.I have no idea what brand they are,i bought them from a retired cop.

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    Another here for retired Gerber multi tool holders. I have one of the fabric ones with the velcro flap. Its great for discreet appearances but it is not easy or quick to access.

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