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Concealed Carry Gun for Women

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry Gun for Women within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife went through several guns before she decided on a carry gun. She ended up with the S&W 642CT. She said she liked the ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry Gun for Women

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    My wife went through several guns before she decided on a carry gun. She ended up with the S&W 642CT. She said she liked the way the CT grip fit her hand better than any other gun she tried or we had. She shoots and carries 148g HBWC ammo. The recoil is very, very mild. The choice of ammo and grip makes a big difference in the light weight 38 spl.

    My wife does not like IWB. She likes the Galco FLETCH OWB and the Tommy Gun medium size fanny pack. She does not like to carry without a thumb snap, no matter how much I tell her that she is not going to lose her gun in holster that fits right.
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    I have no experience with the LCR. Like others said, let her try out a few and see what she likes. Let her handle your G23, if she likes it she may want a G19.

    As for a holster for your 23, I would recommend Pure Kustom (forum sponser). Rocky makes some awesome and very functional leather. I would say to get the Black Ops. I have one for my 19/23. It can be worn inside the waist or out. It'll fit your Glock like a glove and won't budge until you draw. The mouth will stay open for one hand reholstering. This is very important in my opinion. Rocky does this without using any additional material. So the holster has a thin profile.
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    Levels of experience and training should be considered as well. Generally speaking, semi-autos will require more training and range time in order to become proficient in their use. Double action revolvers offer very simple operation with minimal mechanical features to master, but generally heavier trigger pulls that also require training and practice to master.

    If your girlfriend's experience level is low I would recommend that several weapons be tried to determine which she finds most comfortable, followed by a regular program of instruction and practice to become a proficient and safe user.
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    I'm still working on getting my permit in Washington and Oregon... but I've been carrying in my house to get comfortable with my gun and my holster. I have a S&W Bodyguard .380.. I guess it came out not too long ago. I'm a petite woman so I needed something stable, lightweight, and not much recoil. The bodyguard is a great gun! Its small, looks great, light weight, and super easy to shoot. My fiance actually bought one for himself and he has been carrying for years. I also bought a CompTac CTAC IWB holster. I love it! its comfortable and I love I can adjust the cant and how low it sits. I also bought mole skin to make it more comfortable. I also love how its Kydex so I dont have to worry about the gun falling out. Its also very easily hidden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkruf View Post
    My wife is not strong enough to rack the slide on most semi-autos. Revolver was the ticket for her first gun. I have an LCR she shot it, but said it kicked a little too hard for her because she's had carpel tunnel surgery. The S&W 642 and 442 are the same. She ended up getting an old stainless steel S&W model 60 (.38 only). Heavier than the LCR but not as heavy as the SP101. Weighs 20 oz. She loves it. She also loves the LCP we got. Slide easy to rack on it.

    And yes, I would stay away from Taurus. Heard too many horror stories.
    I purchased the Taurus 738TCP in .32 for my wife. She was able to operate the slide one time at the store. but she hasnt been able to since. so we are also in the market for a revelover for her. That is the option I think most women should take unless they are positive they can REGULARLY manipulate the slide on an auto. Lesson learned. I love my wife and want her safe, so back on the hunt for a nice gun she can realistically use. Any suggestions? She is interested in the Charter Arms pink lady in .38. As far as staying away from Taurus goes, I have owned 3 of them and have had ZERO problems, but I do perform regular maintenance on ALL my firearms.

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