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This is a discussion on Easiest Carry Position within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Easiest carry - in your hand!!! But seriously, I like the Kholsters (link at top of page). I have them for my S&W 642, Taurus ...

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Thread: Easiest Carry Position

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    Easiest carry - in your hand!!! But seriously, I like the Kholsters (link at top of page). I have them for my S&W 642, Taurus PT145 Pro and full sized Glocks (3 holsters total). I really like the adjustability for cant and ride height. This is a very very comfortable IWB holster that I can't recommend enough. I personally carry mine at 3:00 to 4:00
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    This question is completely dependent on the person carrying. What is comfortable for me may not be comfortable for anyone else.

    For me, OWB on my right hip at about 4 o'clock is the single most comfortable position. For my wife, she likes OWB at about 2:30. My best friend likes appendix carry and one of my other friends likes IWB at about 5o'clock.

    It all depends on the person. Experiment and see what feels best for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    It's going to be a real person-specific decision. There is no one size fits all. Every body is different.

    you've got to try 'em all to figure it out yourself.

    A lot of people carry behind the hip; from 3:30 to about 5:00, just depends on your body.
    Experiment. I like shoulder holsters better then anything but that fits my style of dress and lifestyle. I also have IWB holsters for lightweight 1911's that I carry in a 3:30 position. Different situations, different dress, different gun possibly. We all have holster bags full of the different styles we have tried. It is kind of fun to find good holsters but expensive, too. Enjoy the search.

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    If I ever get the balls to actually carry my G27 (really awkard thus far...NY is anti gun and I can only carry it where my PA non-res license is honored), it seems 5:00 is the most comfortable and concealable position for me.

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    AIWB all the way. I carry a anything from a full size MP45 to a PM9 and I'm only 5'5. AIWB is VERY holster specific and you'll only recieve good results from holsters designed for carry in AIWB.

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    5 years ago I had some extensive cancer surgery, and ever since I have worn my shirt tail out. This is great for concealing. I used to be a 5:30 butt forward guy, but am now a 3:00 no rake dude. When I have my right hand in my pocket, which is always, the crook of my elbow goes right around the butt of my Walther IWB. I am thinking of working outside waistband, and getting a holster that rides a bit higher. I like to wear Columbia fishing shirts and cargo pants. This is very CC friendly attire. Wearing a black polo and sport coat when more formality is called for is an easy step. No access I have tried is terribly fast, as the shirt must be lifted up preferrably with off hand. But the gun is there, and much past IPSC competition has tuned my mind toward preparedness.

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    An open front garment or one with the bottom three or so buttons left undone, can be cleared with the strong hand. If a circular hook draw is used the hand clears low and circles up to the draw. While not as fast as no cover it is pretty quick.

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    I've found my full size XD is most comfortable at about 4 o'clock, but most concealable at 3-3:30.

    The EASIEST carry position (title of your post) is a J-frame 642 in a pocket holster.

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    I carry a G-23 in a High Noon Public Secret in the appendix posistion. I am not as young as I use to be and not as flexible to reach back to a 4 or 5 o'clock posistion. I can easily protect my weapon in a crowd situation and yet have ease of access if needed. Every now and then when I carry my Diamondback BUG in addition to the G-23 I do it in a High Noon Mr. Softy in a crossdraw offside appendix posistion. Just my $.02.
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