Full circle; Rediscovering something I learned early on.

Full circle; Rediscovering something I learned early on.

This is a discussion on Full circle; Rediscovering something I learned early on. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Some people here are aware of the fact that I had been contemplating the purchase of a small auto. Something along the lines of the ...

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Thread: Full circle; Rediscovering something I learned early on.

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    Full circle; Rediscovering something I learned early on.

    Some people here are aware of the fact that I had been contemplating the purchase of a small auto. Something along the lines of the Walther PPK, or Bersa. Not being comfortable with a true pocket gun, I wanted something I could carry IWB very comfortably. Due to the thickness of the glock, coupled with the width of a holster, IWB with this combo was just not going to work. Plus, I was having trouble with going below 9mm for my carry needs. My airweight J frames are remarkably versatile, but I wanted something as my primary gun that I did not have to make compromises for. Sooo, the wife and I went out a couple of weeks ago, and decided to carry my g26. I knew for comfort It would be an OWB kinda day, so I went down stairs and went rummaging thru a footlocker filled with every holster I ever had. I picked out an old Don Hume pancake for a g19 or 23 and decided to try it. The g26 fit the holster, and was just a little short, but otherwise a good fit. I was wearing a pair of shorts and polo pull over shirt, and to my amazement, when I placed the holster in the 4 to 5 oclock position, it completely disappared. I remember 25 years ago, when I first started in LE, that was pretty much our only option. Shoulderholsters were out of favor, but the pancake was in and the perscribed holster for concealment. I honestly dont know why I ever got away from it. The highride placement puts the but of the pistol next to your ribs, and the design pulls the gun in close, and the contour of the holster slowly integrates with the natural shape of the body. I can wear it all day, standing , sitting. or driving and never have any problems or feel uncomforable. Now that I look at all the new fangled kydex, and plastic paddle holsters I have been using over the last several years, it is no wonder I was considering a downsize for comfort. So for those of you who are looking for a new way to carry a larger gun more comfortably, it might be better to look at something old.

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    I know what you mean. When I carry my Glock, 9 times out of 10 it's in a OWB pancake holster.

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    How the heck did you forget that? A good pancake that carries high and tight can make just about anything disappear with minimal effort.
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    I find myself doing the exact same thing every time I'm considering buying a new holster. The best part is that 90% of the time I end up rediscovering an old holster that I forgot about while it was buried in my holster drawer.
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    Thanks for sharing. Newfangled doesn't always mean better.

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    I carry my G19 in a high rise slide. I like my CBST, but the OWB slide is my perfered method if I am not tucking a shirt. Glad you found an old friend.

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    Some never left.

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    Note to self: Get a pancake holster.

    thanks for the tip, glockman
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    It's always nice to rediscover something you knew a long time ag o. But I always wonder after times like that why I forgot it and how in the world I forgot it. Usually, it's because anything that we use daily, holsters, guns, cars or just about anything, eventually we start to think "there has to be a better way" and we try something. Usually we find something that works pretty well and we stick with it for long enough that when the time comes for us to think there has to be a better way again, we have forgotten the original way.

    Congrats on the rediscovery. I might have to root around in my holster box one night and just see what I come up with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    Note to self: Get a pancake holster.

    thanks for the tip, glockman

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    I like pancakes, on the plate and on the hip.
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