Trouser size

Trouser size

This is a discussion on Trouser size within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering if you might provide some feedback: I have just joined here and the wealth of info is incredible. I am taking the ...

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Thread: Trouser size

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    Trouser size

    I was wondering if you might provide some feedback:

    I have just joined here and the wealth of info is incredible. I am taking the plunge regarding IWB carry and I ordered a CB ST. My question is.....

    Do any of you, or should I, wear my trousers/jeans in a size bigger than usual to compensate for the sidearm?

    My thanks in advance for any input.


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    congrats, 1st post. I find one size bigger is a little too big. I'm sort of inbetween sizes.
    Best thing, take your holster with you when shopping for clothes. Every size 32 is not a 32 if you know what I mean.,

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    If wearing IWB, the "general" (not definitive) rule of thumb is to add two inches. Not sure what that equates to in trouser sizing, but I'd say a size bigger is the best to start with. That's what I've done with IWB at least and it seems to work.

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    Two inches works for me when carrying IWB.
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    I just saw a thing on the news on pants size. According to them, IIRC, Dockers, Gap and Old Navy in a size 36 actually run 4 - 5-1/2" larger.

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    I thought a size bigger might work, course I wished I still had a 32 waist. Going a size bigger means my ass just gets lost even more. LOL. Thanks gents.

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    Wait until you actually have the holster and then try it.
    It depends upon how 'tight' your pants are may not need a larger size. I'm just sayin'...
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Wait until you actually have the holster and then try it.
    It depends upon how 'tight' your pants are may not need a larger size. I'm just sayin'...
    Welcome to the forum!
    I'll go along with this simply for the reason that I've yet to change waist size of my pants for CC over ten years. I use my belt more than anything to tighten or relieve. Everyone is different, and pants (even jeans) stretch. I like my CC held tightly to the body without having to crank my belt down. A size larger? You'll figure it out once you go IWB. IMO.......good places to find pants to try out in a larger size (before you spend too much on a frivolous ordeal) are the thrift stores available in your area. I've never been too good to check out the Salvation army or Goodwill stores in my area for pants. Rule of thumb....let your belt out a notch and see if your hand can easily go in-between yourself and your pants.\

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    Yeah I found that out months ago. I had been wearing Old Navy 30" jeans and ordered the same size in Carhartt jeans. They were too tight, I could barely get them up my legs let alone button them! So out came the tape measure and I realized my waist was ~35". Measuring the Carhartt's I found they were only 2" undersized so ordering a 33" fits me nice. I can wear an IWB holster with them as well as the jeans really sit on my hips and leave a little breathing room around my waist, so a holster just fills that space.

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    As a "Senior Person" on the Forum here, I do use a two size larger pants size for CCW IWB. Get a good strong belt when doing any Carry of a Gun and size it for 2-4 sizes larger than what you normally wear. Sometimes you grow a little bigger as you age, me I am 62 and trying not to grow any more!
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    Actually you can lose 10-15 lbs., and get the same result. Seriously, if you don't want to spend a small fortune on a new wardrobe lose some weight. The majority of us need to do so. It might save on the cost of a new belt too.
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    I lost not that long ago 40 pounds. My waist is back down to a 32 and the current jeans I wear are a 34 and thankfully I purchased them in retrospect of losing weight. I had gone up to a 36 inch waist and thankfully I only have one pair of jeans in that size.

    With that said the 34 inch waist jeans and even my Dockers work awesome at the moment when I carry my Glock 27 in my Crossbreed IWB holster. So the two inch leeway is working for me. I've not tried to wear some of the jeans that I do own that are a 32 inch waist. Maybe I will in the next month or two but not yet. I know it won't work just yet. Two inch gap works for me, it might not work for you.

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    The measurement on pants is about the same as the measurement on belts. None are the same. You can try on 12 pairs of jeans and all 12 will fit differently. But cloth seems to stretch. Unless you are carrying a Desert Eagle I see no need to buy a size larger. But you will still need to try everything on, as other poster have suggested.

    When you find a pair of pants that fit as you like, go with them. For IWB carry just let your belt out one hole to accommodate the holster..
    When you are not carrying take your belt up one hole.

    A good quality dual layered belt is the key. You do not want the belt to stretch and you do not want to have to cinch the belt up so that it cuts you into.

    Hope this helps,

    Good luck in your quest.
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    I use one size larger (32 up to 33) to accomodate for a Glock IWB.
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    Depends... is the answer....

    What "cut of jeans do you wear?

    With an IWB holster... what size firearm do you carry? Larger guns may require jeans with a fuller cut seat and thigh so you sit and walk more comfortable?

    I have a Crossbreed 'Quickclip" IWB holster and I could not tuck my heavy shirts in when carrying (even though I have a tuckable holster)... it is becuase my jeans would be too tight. Generally, one has to go up a size, keep their shirts untucked and such.

    I carry a full-size Springfield XDM 40cal and it is heavy... so I personally keep my belt very tight to my waist... many younger CCW people wear looser pants and belts (just look at some of the pictures posted on this site) and I think it may be some of the firearms ate sub-compact models?

    I also have a OWB holster that I wear wearing certain slacks when I know I will have a coat or outer garment on... and my jeans, dockers or dress slacks just wont fit with my IWB holster.

    Now, in the last 60 days, I have lost 30 pounds... so I am starting to have more options!!!!

    Good luck.
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