Calling all you G30 owners who EDC, what's your holster?

Calling all you G30 owners who EDC, what's your holster?

This is a discussion on Calling all you G30 owners who EDC, what's your holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I commented on another thread about Glock 29s and I started thinking about the fact I would carry it more with a holster that conceals ...

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Thread: Calling all you G30 owners who EDC, what's your holster?

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    Calling all you G30 owners who EDC, what's your holster?

    I commented on another thread about Glock 29s and I started thinking about the fact I would carry it more with a holster that conceals well.

    Currently I have a Blackhawk Serpa. It's great in the woods and ok for open carry, but I need a heavier jacket to conceal well.

    So all you Glock 30 or 29 owners- What do you use for EDC that conceals well? I usually carry IWB but have a Don Hume OWB that works.
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    I have a Pro Carry LT from The Holster Store. It holds the G30 well and is avail with different cants. I don't have big demands on a holster other than that. One handed reholstering isn't important to me. If I have to draw, I intend to have both hands free to reholster.
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    TT Gunleather "Mikes Special" works for me.

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    i carry a galco stow and go cost me 38 bucks and is a great holst for ppl on the go!!
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    I hope my G-36 counts.
    Either this for OWB, ...or this for IWB,
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    I carry mine daily in an Occidental Gun Leather Stronghold Phoenix IWB....

    A little expensive but a great quality holster that conceals the gun excellent and is extremely comfortable
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    I'm currently using a Bianchi Professional Model 100
    Well-made, inexpensive, and comfortable.

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    My 30 is carried in an Alabama Holster Co. Clipper or a Tucker Gunleather Silent Thunder.

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    Crossbreed Supertuck. Not pretty but functional.

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    RM Low Rider IWB is the BEST I have found. I have 3 of them; PPK/S, G19, G30. I swear by them for concelament and comfort. RM Good value and fast turn around time.

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    Tucker gun leather, "the answer" is the model I use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enewman View Post
    Tucker gun leather, "the answer" is the model I use.
    +1, but for an XD45C which is only slightly larger than the G30.
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    I carry a G21 in a Kholster. The same holster works fine with the G30. All day comfort, adjustable for ride height and cant. I have one for each of my carry guns.
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    Right now one of these I'll get something from Fist later.
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    Supertuck from Crossbreed. Still happy with it.
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