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Lets talk 1911 holsters...........again :)

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Thread: Lets talk 1911 holsters...........again :)

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    1911 PKR: Those are character marks..... well earned over time.
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    I carry my Kimber Tactical Pro II in a Milt Sparks VersaMax-II... love it!

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    +1 Milt Sparks VersaMaxII
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    I love the VM2 also, but for a new shooter with a nice gun I'd suggest one of Pure Kustom's combo holsters. While they are expensive initially, you really do get two for one. Just as good inside the waistband as outside. Most of us have separate holsters which can easily cost more. Rocky's work is immaculate.
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    One reasonably priced but high quality option I like is an IWB from AKJ Concealco. I have 3 or 4 of their holsters and recently added one for a commander sized 1911. It's adjustable cant and I really like how the front strap is connected. It holds the gun tight and conceals well. It's also very comfortable. they make a good mag pouch too. If you want a little nicer rig then I'd recommend a COM III from HBE leather specialties. Google him. I have several of his holsters. I think their quality and design is ever bit as good as a Milt Sparks or other top of the line but he's a little less expensive and a LOT faster. I think these two options represent about the best good to high quality value out there today.


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    I carry my 5" Kimber in a Galco Avenger OWB in cooler weather when I wear a shirt/sweatshirt, jacket or vest as a cover garment. In warm weather, I have a Kimber (made by Galco) Summer Special IWB that I use with a T-shirt or T-shirt and light short sleeved shirt as cover garments. The IWB holster also works well when dressed up a little better than my normal Levis or cargo pants. Retention is good with both holsters. The Kimber summer special holster costs about $20 more when ordered from Kimber than when ordered from Galco because it has the Kimber name embossed on it. But it comes in Galco packaging. Galco was backordered everywhere I tried to find it and I needed it in a hurry this summer, so I paid the extra $$. I love both holsters and they are reasonably priced for what you get, IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911PKR View Post
    Kimbers "KimPro" finish wears pretty easily even in leather. Kydex will kill it in a hurry.

    My Ultra Carry in black was worn on the edges after a couple of weeks in a M-Tac Minotaur (very comfortable holster), after 6 months it looks well used, after 10 months it looked like 1911PKR's. I have been carrying an Ultra Carry Stainless for the past 4 months and it looks like new. I carried the Pro Carry Stainless for 5 months in a Stoner Leather IWB and like the stainless Ultra it showed no wear.

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    Check out El Paso Saddlery. They make great stuff for 1911s. www.epsaddlery.com

    I really like the "Summer Cruiser".

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    I can only write from experience when I state that you cannot go wrong in any way if you look at the craftsmanship in Rocky's holsters at PureKustom.
    My PT1911 has minor holster wear, but you'll get holster wear whatever material you select.
    Retention in Rocky's holsters is excellent!
    As a bonus, you get to know a straight-up, honest old-world craftsman of the finest caliber.
    The best service I've experienced from any company I've ever dealt with, period.

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    When I had my Ultra Carry II I used 2 different holsters, the MTAC for IWB and a Galco slide for OWB. They both worked great.
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    I can second the "Answer" dual clip from Tucker. Get it leather lined and get the benefits of a kydex shell and soft leather lining. It goes easy on the gun and is comfortable to wear. I have the Silent Thunder for my PM9 and a the Answer on order for the Colt Commander for which I'll exchange the Silent Thunder I already bought for that one.

    Tucker is easy to do business with and will exchange or reimburse the cost of your holster without a hassle. In my case the Colt is just too heavy for the way I carry in the single clip Silent Thunder (sags the belt). My PM9 is perfect in the Silent Thunder.

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    UBG Canute. I've owned three of them, and really like them. Comfortable, reasonably priced, and pretty quick turnaround.

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    Here is a picture of my new holster --I like the horsehide, because it is stiffer and ddoes not require a stiffener to keep the mouth open when worn IWB. You can wear this holster in a number of differnet configurations...... retention is great!!

    29 Aug 2010 020.jpg

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    Another vote for the UBG Canute. I like the Alessi CQC/s, which looks a lot like it. This holster is now made by one of Lou's protegee's, Skip Ritchie (www.ritchieholsters.com). It is called the Close Quarter-Quick Release.
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