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How many people pocket carry spare mag?

This is a discussion on How many people pocket carry spare mag? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Guilty as charged. First, I always carry spare ammo, period. When I carry an autoloader, I carry a spare mag, most of the time in ...

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Thread: How many people pocket carry spare mag?

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    Guilty as charged. First, I always carry spare ammo, period. When I carry an autoloader, I carry a spare mag, most of the time in a pocket by itself. Admittedly less than ideal, but I have yet to find a mag holder I like. However, I am aware that the mags attract lint and swarf that way, so they get cleaned out regularly.
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    I guess I'm the odd man out. I carry a spare mag but not in a pocket or a pouch. Its is carried iwb mexican.

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    The DeSantis Magpacker is a nice little thing to have for that spare magazine.
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    Well I always carry a backup mag, I think it's one of those things like carrying a gun in the first place. Once you get used to it you kinda feel naked without it;)

    Heck same thing with a BUG, normally I've got a primary(either 1911 Government or PT145), backup mag/mags depending on gun, Backup P3AT in pocket, and Backup P3AT mag and light in the other pocket. So I do carry a BUG, but I also carry extra ammo and mags. I don't expect to need any of it, but if I do I'm going to be happy I have it;) Well and I should say being a holster maker does have the advantage you can design gear that works for exactly what you want to do, which is why my carry setup is like this.

    Before I made my own gear I had a hard enough time carrying the gun most of the time, let along mags or additional guns. Overall though I think if you don't have to change your whole lifestyle to add a mag or a BUG to your carry loadout, then it's really not a bad idea. IMHO a pocket gun weak side makes a great compliment to your normal carry rig strong side IWB or OWB. The only time I don't care for weak side pocket carry is when I run a Smartcarry type of rig, the guns tend to almost stack in one area printing more than I like, then I go P3AT in strong pocket.

    It's a personal thing though, we all make our own choices and compromises for comfort, or lifestyle. Most of us given the choice of having to be in a gun fight would be picking a long gun:) So it's all a compromise of some sort!

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    I use a holster that fits the extra mag with it. It breaks up the profile nicely, and makes grabbing it and sticking it in a pocket effortless. Reloads are a bit of a pain from it (I'd prefer to have it better located for my left hand), but if the option is to not have a spare, I'll live with it.

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