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This is a discussion on leather within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just wear it, as many have said. It will break-in naturally and conform to your waist over time. If made properly it will fit like ...

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Thread: leather

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    never re-dip your holster!

    Just wear it, as many have said. It will break-in naturally and conform to your waist over time. If made properly it will fit like a glove in a few weeks with normal perspiration and exposure. It's the beauty of leather... it will stretch with normal use. Trust the makers on this one friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post

    Renaissance Wax is about the only product that I would ever recommend using on the exterior of modern holsters to restore them cosmetically.
    I second that. That advice was given to me by Matt Del Fatti, and it's now all I use for final finish wax application. It's truly great stuff, and won't discolor your leather.

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    Desantis recommends wearing the holster and allowing natural body movement to help break it in. Or insert fully unloaded handgun into a thin dress sock,then force the gun and sock into the holster,twisting the gun as you do so. Then,allow the gun to remain in the holster overnight. They also say DO NOT apply leather dressings, mink oil or mitt and glove dressing. "massaging" or kneading a leather holster may also soften it to the point where retention qualities are lost. This info taken from a paper that came with every Desantis holster that I've bought.

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    Get some leather lightning from Mitch Rosen.There is nothing better in the world.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    DO NOT soak your holster in water, natural use...a few hundred 'draws and re-holsters' each night for a few nights will make all the difference in the world. A plastic bag (mentioned above), and used overnight will also loosen the holster.
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    +++++1 to all of the wisdom posted here (after the "water" suggestion). Since others haven't mentioned it...and not trying to be your mother...

    Make sure when you are blocking your new holster that you have the gun unloaded (no magazine, no chambered round)...PLEASE! The multiple draws and reholstering after the first night of bag (Ziplock freezer bag) or wax paper should be done without having to worry about inadvertently shooting yourself or someone/something else. It may seem like common sense but some people (civilians and LEOs are "rocks").

    Trust that it will loosen up and become a part of you after a while. Wear it often to help it conform to your shape.


    BTW, water is for drinking, swimming, flushing (ew!), rinsing...and fish...but NOT for holsters.

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    Thanks all !! I started with the suggestions and am having a better time of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAMNMIKE View Post
    Pure Kustom= Leather should be tight from the start. Ever break in a new pair of leather shoes? Leather stretches naturally. If you force it. You can screw it up. Didn't your holster come with instructions?

    I love it!
    Me too.
    A. Insert gun in holster.
    B. Repeat step "A" as required.
    Too complicated for me. I keep getting lost on "A".
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    Don't soak it in anything but sweat...in other words; just wear it; it will break in with a lil time. If you soak it and/or oil it up, it will become a soft leather "pouch" and not a good "holster"

    If you insist on soaking; ... well; just don't.

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    Please. No dunking of the holster. Wrap you gun in a plastic grocery bag and put your gun in the holster. Let it set over night. You may have to do this the second night, but it works. This is how I do it. Some use wax paper. It works too.


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