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Glock 27 Kaluban Cloak IWB (pics)

This is a discussion on Glock 27 Kaluban Cloak IWB (pics) within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Congrats on the new Glock 27 and holster. Thank you for your service! Good luck at the IPSC event....

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Thread: Glock 27 Kaluban Cloak IWB (pics)

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    Congrats on the new Glock 27 and holster. Thank you for your service! Good luck at the IPSC event.
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    The 27 is a fine little weapon. That is my off-duty carry most of the time. She rides in a Milt Sparks SS II and a spare 23 mag in one of Rocky's (Pure Kustom) mag pouches.

    Congrats and thanks for your service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unloved View Post
    It won't. If you're a handy type of person though, you can adjust the retention. I can give you some tips on doing that, if you're interested.
    Sure, you can put it here in the thread or PM it to me, I'd be happy to know.
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    I'm sure that modifications will void any warranty, and I won't be held responsible if anyone who reads this damages their Kydex gear.

    Look the holster over carefully. Keep in mind that any depressions, or projections, on the gun will be points where the Kydex holds. Retention can be relaxed by heating certain points until the Kydex loses definition. For instance, if Kydex is formed very tightly at the rear of your slide stop lever, the lever is going to be locked in there pretty well. The Kydex has to flex outward until the lever clears that corner.

    I use a heat gun for spot adjustments, but I've heard that a hair dryer will work. Put your unloaded gun in the holster. Use wet cloth to shield everything other than the spot you're working on. That's important. You need to carefully cover any Kydex that you don't want to change shape. Be sure to keep your heat source about eight or ten inches away from the Kydex. If you get too close, you'll make a shiny spot when you slightly melt the surface. Be patient, watch what you're doing very closely, and don't get distracted. It'll take some time for the Kydex to reach the temp you need, then it will suddenly relax.

    Adjust one spot at a time, let the holster cool completely, then test. If I were you, I'd do the slide stop first, then test.

    If it's still too tight, gradually loosen the Kydex in the ejection port. Loosen it a little, test, a little more, test, and so on. If necessary, loosen it until there's no retention there at all.

    If it's still too tight, then move on to the depressions at the take down lever, and work those one at a time.

    If you loosen all of those spots, and it's still too tight, move to the trigger guard. If you have to go that far, exercise the utmost caution. Loosen only the Kydex inside the trigger guard. One side at a time, gradually.

    Take your time, don't rush, and test often.

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    Havn't been able to shoot her yet, moving to Az tomorrow. Had the Glock itch and picked up a 29SF too.
    Quote Originally Posted by HBY18202 View Post
    I heard some people find them quite heavy, and here's an excerpt I found.

    "S&W built the Chief's Special on their existing .32 caliber "J" frame. That frame was actually too small for the .38 Special cartridge, but rather than introduce a new, properly sized frame, S&W reduced the cylinder capacity to 5 cartridges. The resulting revolver was so weak that for decades the use of .38 Special High Speed (and later +P) cartridges was prohibited. Modern metallurgy and heat treating has supposedly cured the problem--if you trust Smith & Wesson's advertising.

    S&W has been ripping off other companies' products, especially Colt's, for over 150 years and the leopard hasn't changed his spots. The current management is following in the footsteps of their predecessors, as evidenced by the recent introduction of their "new" 1911 auto pistol. Not only are they copying the famous Colt/Browning pistol, they aren't even making their knock-off themselves; it is assembled largely from after market parts.

    Smith & Wesson is not a tiny shop assembling these pistols individually. They are the largest handgun maker in the world! Have they no pride? (A rhetorical questions, since they obviously don't.)"

    As for the validity of all that, I have no clue. 99% of the stuff I've heard has been great. My buddies uncle said he had one with a cylinder that would get lodged and S&W did nothing to fix it as well. I have no clue how well this man took care of his weapons or anything. I also got the quote above from a very biased article, located at this link (

    I'm not claiming any of this is true, I just mainly was trying to be nice and continue coversation haha.

    Cop- How you liking the 27?

    Moga- You won't be disapointed brother, Eugene comes through well.

    Glockanista- Thank you very much.

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