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WARNING fatal flaw in comp tac minotaur holster

This is a discussion on WARNING fatal flaw in comp tac minotaur holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OP, did you talk to Comp Tac? I think that common courtesy should strongly prevail. Please let the forum know what, if anything, was discussed ...

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Thread: WARNING fatal flaw in comp tac minotaur holster

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    OP, did you talk to Comp Tac?

    I think that common courtesy should strongly prevail.

    Please let the forum know what, if anything, was discussed (since it was brought up here in the first place and not with them first).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarhead79 View Post
    I'm going to back up the first few posters. One should ALWAYS contact the manufacturer first before publicizing stuff like this. Give them the opportunity to respond. Yes, it should be mentioned on forums, but not before the maker has a chance to respond to the issue.

    And in the mean time while waiting for a response if anyone is shot I guess it does not really count? I thought the rule of a firearm is ALWAYS safety first!
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    This little quirk of his is the same quirk that makes my 1911 eject its magazine spontaneously.... If Comptac would have screwed that section to the leather, problems would be solved. Too bad mine was out of the return period before I found the problem.... It's still a great holster, I just have to be careful...
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    Hi All,

    I'm new to this particular forum but have been working at Comp-Tac for about 3 years now. This is the first I've ever heard of this particular issue on any of our products.

    The photo that the OP has in their original post is of a Spartan holster. This holster depicted in the OP's post has been modified since it left the factory. We do NOT send holsters out to look like that. The leather has been altered and the Kydex body has been reformed. All three modifications made outside of the factory are in the three red circles (see attached photo).WARNING  fatal flaw in comp tac minotaur holster-not-factory.jpg Once a product has been modified, we obviously cannot guarantee it's safety and performance.

    We do tell our customers that if any issue exists with your Comp-Tac product, contact us directly immediately so we can get it back to the factory, open an investigation, and correct the issue. If the OP contacted us about this, the e-mail must not have gone through because again, I've never heard of this issue.

    As stated by the OP, the holster was worn at approximately a 5:00 position (we recommend 3:30-4:00 at the furthest) and that the holster was angled more so than it would have been under "typical" circumstances. We will continue an investigation into this just to triple check but I believe these are extenuating circumstances that are no longer dealing with the original product as sent from the factory.

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    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Strange how the OP joined, posted, then left. He hasn't been active since Oct 15th of 2010.

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    That does look like a disaster waiting to happen. IMO the maker should have been sure the holster was safe BEFORE marketing it. The poster's alerting the rest of us may have prevented a tragedy. Thanks Krustito.
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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    That does look like a disaster waiting to happen.
    And that seems from the fact that the holster was modified....

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    All my Spartans work perfectly, even with my PM40, no matter how hard I try to get them to scew up. Of course, none has been modified. This reminds me of the guy who complains that his pistol machineguns, after his expert trigger job. Nevertheless, we can't be too careful, can we?
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    Thanks for your post Krustito. I forwarded a link to your post to my son who uses the MTAC. You may have saved some lives here.

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    This is eight months old and the manufacturer has responded with a very thorough explaination. Why are people perpetuating this myth, why was the OP trying to discredit Comp-Tac?
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    Maybe he didn't come back because he got flamed to death? Guess we'll never know the whole story... Did he mess with it, or was it sent out that way?

    Either way it does sound like he stumbled upon a potential issue that others have reported being close to repeating.

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    The OP's reforming of the kydex is the key to his problems. I have a Spartan for my 30SF and there is absolutely no way you can wedge that gun in at the extreme angle depicted in the OP's picture. The Spartan can not be forced into the trigger on my 30SF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeezerSquid View Post
    The OP's reforming of the kydex is the key to his problems.
    I think that statement is based on pure speculation.

    I don't recall the OP stating that he/she modified the subject holster. Furthermore, the OP did not state whether the subject holster was purchased used with the knowledge of it being modified or altered in any way.

    Just saying....
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    I also have an MTAC, I can afford any holster but I choose and trust the MTAC with my life. I believe the OP altered the holster. How much more of a thorough explanation can we expect from CompTac? I am fully satisfied, if not I would get rid of my holster.

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