Pocket lint in my P32

Pocket lint in my P32

This is a discussion on Pocket lint in my P32 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been searching for the perfect holster for my Kel-Tec P32 without success. I'm looking for a pocket holster with an anti-print panel. I ...

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Thread: Pocket lint in my P32

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    Pocket lint in my P32

    I have been searching for the perfect holster for my Kel-Tec P32 without success.

    I'm looking for a pocket holster with an anti-print panel. I would prefer leather. So far all the leather pocket holsters I've run across are open at the barrel end allowing pocket lint to accumulate in the barrel.

    Should I not be worried about lint accumulating in the barrel ?

    Does anyone know of a holster that fits my requirements ?

    I don't often shoot my P32 (it's not really a fun gun to shoot) so I'm not cleaning it as often as other guns. Therefore the lint can accumulate over time.

    Thanks to all !!

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    Not leather,but one of the best simple holsters I have used is the Uncle Mikes Pocket rig

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    Several different makers make a back pocket holster that has the anti print leather that will work fine. sj

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    Take a look at the Uncle George's Wallet Holster, the Andrew's Leather Pocket Holster and the several versions of pocket holsters made by Desantis Holsters. I use a Desantis The Nemesis Pocket Holster and it is fantastic (not leather) so I highly recommend it and Desantis makes several different models such as the Pocket Pal, Super Fly, Sting and Trickster that might work for you.

    I would get a wallet holster for the Kel-Tec P-3AT since you can use it in your back or front pocket, it is usually made of leather and it has an anti-print panel.
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    I use Pocket Holster. It's an open-ended holster, but since it is carried muzzle-down in an empty pocket, I'm not concerned with barrel obstructions and honestly don't get lint in the barrel either. Where I do occasionally get lint is around the hammer. Cleaning it once a week, and going light on the oil keeps it ready for action.

    BTW, they didn't have the false 'zipper top' back when I bought mine. I think I would prefer that, as it would potentially keep stuff from falling in around the hammer.
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    Desantis nemesis, but you will never defeat the evil pocket lint, just use canned air and spray it out every few days, thats what i do when I am carrying like that. Note that under pressure on a quick pocket draw leather tends to slide out of the pocket more and if it doesnt catch you will be drawing a whole handful of leather.

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    I have a uncle mikes pocket holster and lint problems have never been a problem with any of my guns that I had pocket carried.
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    The perfect pocket holster with the 'thumb push'... http://www.fist-inc.com/holsters/holster/5.htm
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveB2175 View Post
    I have been searching for the perfect holster for my Kel-Tec P32 without success. I'm looking for a pocket holster with an anti-print panel. I would prefer leather.
    I've got a Pocket Defender Convertible from K&D Holsters. It works exceptionally well. I've got two, for different pocket pistols, front pocket.

    The nice thing about having a holster custom made, too, is that you can certainly ask to have it close-ended. They'll likely not have it on the shelf, if it's a custom change to the standard design, and it'll likely add a little overall height to the product (to cover the bbl), but then you'll cover up the end that digs around at the bottom of the lint trap.

    That said, keep in mind that the pocket's a rough place to be. Lint and dust is everywhere. You'll still find that you need to clean or at least wipe down (and pick the crud out of) the gun regularly.

    There are lots of makers of custom pocket holsters. Many should be able to handle the closed-end requirement, if you ask.

    Wild Bill Concealment -- Pocket Packer.

    Don Hume -- Hip Pocket style.

    Pocket Concealment Systems -- No-See-Um. Doesn't have a special additional flat plate facing outward, but its very large front panel does most of that job already.

    Guru Pocket Holsters -- Various, for KelTec autos.

    Stoner Holsters -- Back Pocket Holster for semi-autos.

    Graham's Custom Gun Leather -- Back Pocket holster.
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    I've used a Hedley for many years and have been very happy with it. Lint is not a problem. If you see alot of lint, pull your pockets out and shake them.

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    Uncle Mikes....very simple but works. If you get a little lint (as most people do) just have a can of air to blow it out every other week or so.
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    I carry my P32 in a DeSantis Nemesis. and printing is not an issue.
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    try side guard holsters, they advertise on DC forums


    those dont seem to be closed muzzle, but contact him and he'll be able to make something work for ya, great guy.

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    Pocket lint solution

    I have a Keltec P3AT with a pocket clip. I love this little buddy. I too was getting allot of pocket lint(and other stuff) collecting mainly in the barrel. I didn't want the added bulk of a pocket holster so I simply took one of those expandable foam earplugs and trimmed it to just be barely snug in the 380's barrel. It does not impede the firing(i've test fired it twice with the foam plug installed) and keeps the barrel shiny clean and lint free and always ready to fire.

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