Any opinions on Belly Band Holster?

Any opinions on Belly Band Holster?

This is a discussion on Any opinions on Belly Band Holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was thinking about getting a good belly band because it seems like a very practical wy to carry. Where can I get a good ...

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Thread: Any opinions on Belly Band Holster?

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    Any opinions on Belly Band Holster?

    I was thinking about getting a good belly band because it seems like a very practical wy to carry. Where can I get a good belly band? I looked through all of the Holster Link and couldn't seem to find one. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Eddie -

    I have no opinon to offer on any of these, I just know they are out there.


    Magill's - Not sure if they make it or they resell someone else's product.

    Gould & Goodrich

    Kangaroo Industries

    Uncle Mike's

    Action Direct

    Some people seem to have good results with them.

    I found that when I began carrying a concealed handgun on a regular basis, I needed to dress around the gun. That means I settled on ONE gun as my preferred carry piece, not what I was in the mood for. That led to a preferred holster and belt.

    I'm not a jeans guy. I mostly wear Docker-type trousers. I didn't change my trousers, but I stopped wearing tucked in polo shirts. Now I wear a V-neck t-shirt and an untucked camp shirt. My polos went to Goodwill.

    Best of luck to you. YMMV one hell of a lot.

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    Eddie - quite some time ago I got an Action Direct band - mainly to try and see if I could add to my options.

    Well, for me it was not overly successful as it always wanted to ride up, using it as intended. I have learned since that some folks use them more as a chest band and if mine was white and not black then maybe that would work - just never tried it.

    They do have their place.

    fed_wif_a_sig writes up his good experience with the undercover version - discussed on this thread -
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    I like mine a lot. I believe it came from There are several places to get these, just do a Yahoo! search. My only complaint is that it starts to itch after a while (several hours) of wear. I've worn mine around my chest in cross-draw fashion, but recently found it more comfortable around my belly strong side draw. Its easier to get to that way. The Gould & Goodrich version looks to be more comfortable with a pad between the gun and your skin.

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    I've been wearing and Ace Case belly band for several years. I wear it lower around the hips and it's been working well for me.
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    Thumbs up

    I've tried all kinds and the most comfortable by far is the one from kangaroo industries.It is made to you chest size and has a strap that goes over your shoulder that will hold it up where you want it.Any other band,you will have to get it really tight to stay where you want it.Check it out at did a report on it. sj

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    My experience

    I bought a belly band holster a few years ago - it is a black elastic material, about 6 inches wide, with a built in pouch for a holster. I have tried it with a Walther PPK and a S&W 642 snubby.

    Although it really conceals well, pulling the gun very snug against the body, I found that it becomes a little warm and uncomfortable when you wear it tight enough to stay in place. And if your chest is larger than your waist, the band wants to slip downward toward the waist unless you really tighten it. Perhaps if I forced myself to stick with it, I could become used to it.

    I think the best possibilities I have heard are to wear one loosely but at hip level, letting your hips hold it in place. Alternatively, the "kangaroo" style which supports the weight with shoulder straps might work, again allowing the band around the chest to be loose enough for comfort.

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    I recently bought the Action Direct Belly Band. It has been working fine for me. If I tuck in my shirt, I wear it like the Smart Carry - completely concealed in front. If I don't tuck in my shirt, I wear it on the side like a IWB holster. I haven't worn it all day, but I've had it on for 4 to 5 hours and haven't had any problems - even with my slight "belly overhang"
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    +1 for Kangaroo....

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    I've been using the action direct one this week.....

    I can't do it anymore... too hot!

    It regularly hits 100 indoors, at my shop (we're usually 10-20 degrees above outside).

    When I wear the action-direct, I have to wear an undershirt, under it, or ir scratches the heck outta me.

    I got to the car today, and went to re-holster (gotta do OWB in the car, in Ohio), and there was sweat litterally running off my Firearm :(

    This week's also resulted in rust along the side of the slide, in my previously 'perfect' T380 :(

    Guess it's back to the Uncle Mikes for me :(
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    I have used a belly band in the past, and they just never seem to work out as well as one would think they should. They are hot, and uncomfortable, and always seem to shift... I stopped using mine when I bought my smartcarry.

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    I used one for a long time with good concealment results, but I was dissatisfied with the features. Mine came with a velcro strap for the weapon that looped over onto the body of the band. This did not work well for a hammerless snubbie. I would have preferred a snap release like an Uncle Mike's, or pullthrough. In the end, I just tucked the strap out of place. Never had the weapon come out of the band, but it is a concern, especially with barrels longer than 2-3 inches. Also, mine had the removable fake leather backing, but it tended to roll and get in the way. In warm/hot weather, stainless steel helps a lot. Can sweat invade cartridges? Tee shirt is required to reduce sweat exposure and chafing/itching. I wore mine as a chest harness, with the weapon under the arm pit. Heavy uniform type button down shirt. Probably less concealment with a thinner dress shirt. This worked well with my hourglass shape (if you only look from the hips to the neck!). Come to think of it, I guess I am a reverse hourglass. Only time I was ever made is when a coworker touched the weapon. These are not fast access holsters, but better than some other types of carry. You can unbutton one shirt button mid chest for faster access under a tie, or sew the button onto the buttonhole for appearances. These holsters are not expensive, so don't be afraid to experiment with one to your liking. Hope this helps.
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