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This is a discussion on Glock 23 Holster Help within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I had a 23 I used a Milt Sparks VM-II as I do for all my other weapons. Here's a pic with the shirt ...

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Thread: Glock 23 Holster Help

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    When I had a 23 I used a Milt Sparks VM-II as I do for all my other weapons. Here's a pic with the shirt tucked in so you can see how the gun sits:

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    I carry my G-23 in a minotaur by comp-tac most of the time but i have a Desantis Scorpion that is a great holster for the 23.

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    My G23 conceals in my Crossbreed Supertuck very nicely. I also have a Blackhawk! Serpa OWB holster that i use for range time. With the G23, you're going to have a hard time concealing OWB in just "tighter" tshirts. I'm much more comfortable CC'ing with my Crossbreed holster b/c i know 60% of the gun is hidden inside my pants and the remaining 40% is behind a t-shirt. It certainly blends in much better than with OWB carry. Even when i'm not carrying, i leave the IWB holster in place b/c it's just that comfortable. If you're planning on carrying with minimal cover pieces, you'll likely want to go IWB with a good gun belt.

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    It does depend on your build...I carry a G23, in a HBE Com III but my t-shirts have to be a little loose. I am 6'3" and 285 lbs though. I can also carry owb in a Safariland 6281 paddle withought much print though also, but that is one of the tightest fitting paddles I own.
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    i edc a g23 in a crossbreed quikclip and i doubt i will ever buy anything else. it goes on easy and comes off quick. order the horsehide if you can, i live in the deep south and it handles the inherant moisture much better.

    an example of the comfort of this holster is best described as carrying in 100+ degree heat with 60%+ humidity while wearing carhartts, steeltoes and t-shirt w/ undershirt.

    i carry at 4 oclock-ish with a 5stitch bdu belt.

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    I carry my G23 and G33 in an Comp-Tac MTAC slide. Works great and conceals very good.
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    Get a nice pancake style holster to stat with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    After trial and error with several types of holsters over the past 30 plus years I carry my G-23 and G-19 in a High Noon Public Secret IWB at 1 O'Clock appendix. I like leather holsters. I wil not use Kydex anymore since the finish was rubbed off my G-19 with moderate use. I like Tommy Bahama and Guy Harvey tropical print shirts during the hot months worn outside with an undershirt to absorb sweat and Lands End comfort fit shorts.I also use the 5.11 snap front shirts in the cooler weather with Lands End comfort fit jeans or slacks. The comfort fit has about a 3" stretch which makes IWB alot more comfortable and they fit well in my regular size. I have Beltman and CrossBreed belts and a quality belt is a must for good concealment and comfort. I just got on the list for a Garrity holster for my P-35 Hi Power that just might be the ultimate IWB appendix carry rig but I will not know that for several months. My $.02.

    Another vote for High Noon Holsters here although I use the "Down Under" model as I prefer a forward cant & wear it at 9:15(ish)....I am a leftie.
    This holster works for my G23 & my G27.

    I also have one for my HKP30, but in Horsehide as it gets hot down here in Texas, lol......
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    Our own member Theis makes a very good holster much like the crossbreed supertuck and he charges a lot less. I have one and I love it. It is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I have ever used and I normally do not like IWB carry at all.

    Send him a message and I'm sure he can sell you what you need.

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    I like my crossbreed for my 1911. If you can make a 1911 comfortable to carry it gets my vote. I think comfort has a lot to do with body size shape. I have plenty of "love handle" My cross breed exceeds my expectations.
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    I carry my Glock 23 and 27 in the holster that we make, called the MIC Holster from With that being said, mexican string holsters are not the end all for every situation. Recently I obtained a Regulator from Nate Gable at The Regulator is well made, very comfortable, easy on easy off and just a pleasure to wear.

    Glock 23 Holster Help-regulator_g27.jpg
    Regards, Mitch
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    There's a reason Sparks' VM2 is one of the most sought after holsters. It works wonderfully. I have one for every size pistol I carry.
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    Last March I found myself the proud owner of a brand new Glock 23 (a present from my wife). I bought what I thought would be a 'stop-gap' holster for it (i.e. inexpensive), thinking I would purchase a Crossbreed or MTAC for it. I have not found a reason to "upgrade" holsters yet.

    With this new holster I found myself carrying in a way that I thought I never would, which is O.W.B. It's a Glock Brand "Sport/Combat" holster. With a good belt it holds the gun TIGHT to your body (though not uncomfortable), Provides a VERY easy draw and reholstering, and is Very Concealable. This is actually the first (and to date only) holster/gun combo that prompted my wife to ask me why I wasn't carrying one day when we went out. It conceals easily under a hoodie, an unbuttoned overshirt, or a coat.

    Of course, your body shape may be different than mine and May not work for you. At the low price they are though, It makes a great range holster.
    I HIGHLY reccomend it to any Glock owner.
    I paid a whopping $12 for the holster itself from my local gunstore (available from Amazon for a little bit more than that though:

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    I have a G19 and a G23 (they can use the same rig) and have several different types of holsters. My favorites are as follows: IWB Crossbreed Super tuck. OWB Galco matrix m4 paddle. Both are comfortable to wear all day (at least for me). I also have a holster called the "Deep Comfort" which is made by a place called the holster store. Not a bad carry IWB for short trips to throw on quickly.

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