Glock 23 Holster Help

Glock 23 Holster Help

This is a discussion on Glock 23 Holster Help within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This question is for those that CC's w/ a Glock 23, 19, or any similar sized frame pistol. I'm going to be getting my ccw ...

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Thread: Glock 23 Holster Help

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    Glock 23 Holster Help

    This question is for those that CC's w/ a Glock 23, 19, or any similar sized frame pistol. I'm going to be getting my ccw and will be carrying my Glock 23. I'm looking for holster suggestions. I would rather use an OWB for comfort, but I know an IWB will probably be easier the conceal. I usually wear jeans or shorts(spring/summer) and a t-shirt. I don't usually wear really loose t-shirts. They're more on the "tight-ish" side I guess(based on pictures that I've seen of other's EDCs). And I'm not really a fan of the "button-up over a t-shirt" look. Not that their's anything wrong with it, just my taste. Especially during the summer here in Las Vegas.

    What are some suggestions for hosters and carry positons(i.e. 3 o'clock, 5 o'clock). I like the UBG Regulator or Bonnevile, or the Galco Concealable for Fall/Winter since I'll be wearing a jacket/coat. And the UBG Canute for Spring/Summer. Am I being unreasonable in thinking that I'll be able to wear the same clothes while cc'ing? Will I have to change my wordrobe that much? Any suggustions would be appreciated. Pictures of your summer EDC would also be a huge help if you have them. is a "fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen."

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    I just got the Crossbread Supertuck for my Glock 23 and it is very comfortable and after only two days confoming to my body very well.
    See this video on a guy with one and a white shirt.

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    I had a Crossbreed product and I'd never buy another one.

    I carry my G23 in a Comptac C-TAC slide at 2:30 or 3:00. It is my third C-TAC.

    I didn't change my wardrobe at all when I started carrying. My tees are tighter than they were (or maybe I'm just looser) and they still hide fine. I've purchased a few 5.11 items since then, but I don't wear them much. I did get a gunbelt last year and that made things super nice. You don't have to get a Beltman product, but a riggers belt would be a great asset.

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    I carry my full size G17 in either my Crossbreed Supertuck when I need a tuckable IWB or my BlackHawk Serpa Concealment for IWB carry. I like both holsters for different reasons.
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    For an affordable and quick delivery of leather, check out Nick Matthews. I love my Comp-Tacs as well. For another Kydex option, try Raven Concealement Systems.

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    OWB with a not so loose t-shirt isn't going to work unless you are open carrying. Get some nice oversize baggy t-shirts and you'll be able to CC in an OWB holster much easier. Take a look at Don Hume products. The H721 O.T. (open top)(about $45), the J.I.T. slide (my favorite)(about $23), and the H710 (about $25.50). All of these will hold the gun up tight to your rib cage or your side.
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    I carry a G23 most of the time. For IWB, I use a Comp-Tac MTAC and occasionally a Crossbreed Supertuck. Both of those have been reviewed extensively on this forum. For OWB, I usually wear a Mitch Rosen Upper Limit or a Gould & Goodrich 3-slot pancake holster. I wear all of these at the 1:30-2:30 position which for me seems easier to hide as well as access (bad shoulder making behind the hip difficult). I also wear a good Beltman belt which is essential.
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    After trial and error with several types of holsters over the past 30 plus years I carry my G-23 and G-19 in a High Noon Public Secret IWB at 1 O'Clock appendix. I like leather holsters. I wil not use Kydex anymore since the finish was rubbed off my G-19 with moderate use. I like Tommy Bahama and Guy Harvey tropical print shirts during the hot months worn outside with an undershirt to absorb sweat and Lands End comfort fit shorts.I also use the 5.11 snap front shirts in the cooler weather with Lands End comfort fit jeans or slacks. The comfort fit has about a 3" stretch which makes IWB alot more comfortable and they fit well in my regular size. I have Beltman and CrossBreed belts and a quality belt is a must for good concealment and comfort. I just got on the list for a Garrity holster for my P-35 Hi Power that just might be the ultimate IWB appendix carry rig but I will not know that for several months. My $.02.
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    I have to put in a good word for comp-tac. A Glock 23 is my EDC gun, and for most cases I love the MTAC holster. I also have a supertuck, but I find the MTAC more comfortable. For those occasions that I know I'll likely be removing the holster during the day, the Comp-Tac Infidel is perfect. I have other rigs as well, but I find myself coming back to these two almost exclusively.

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    My G23 conceals amazingly in my crossbreed supertuck deluxe I wont buy another holster for IWB
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    Try Sidearmor, I don't think you'll be sorry.
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    i carry a g23 daily on the job. i use the galco miami classic shoulder holster and/or two holsters that were made by member "dukalmighty". dukalmighty made me an inside the paints holster and a outside the pants holster.
    dukalmighty holsters have been one of the best that i have used. do a search on the site for his work.
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    Well, you opened the door for sure. I don't know how many threads like this I've replied to in the past since I carry mostly Glocks and like the G23 myself.
    I've actually used several IWB holster to convert to OWB carry simply by tucking in my shirt. Used them in open carry land and under a cover garment (jacket). May still be inside the pants, but exposed. I like the modularity. I have a few that are true OWB (on the belt) holsters that I like. Mitch Rosen, and older Ahern 3-slot pancake, a Fist #10, and a DeSantis I can't find the model number on. I carry in t-shirt and jeans all summer long. In a way, I look forward to the colder days and winter months since I have more options. All of my OWB holsters easily conceal under my jacket(s), and I hardly ever zip up the fronts as I am seldom bothered by the cold, and I like to keep an open front simply for the draw. My reasons for liking the IWB holster with shirt tucked in coe mainly from experience, and going into those places in the winter time that I may see need to take off my jacket (or cover garment) due to inside temperatures. This would include the local Chinese buffet! If I'm going strictly with OWB gear, I'm going to be sure I won't be sweating things inside a controlled environment where my cover garment needs to come off. I'll usually start off my day with the plan of the day and what I'll be doing and anywhere I might go. Once in a while I'll need to adapt to an unexpected change. Not often. My holsters go on at the house, and I don't take the drawer of holsters with me. I seldom have a change of holsters once I'm gone and out on the road doing what I need to do. It's taken years and a variety of circumstances for me to narrow it all down to what I'll leave home with will stick with me all day no matter what.

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    I carry my G23 in a SuperTuck, and I like it.

    Also, a good holster for not a lot of money is the Remora No-Clip. I bought the 8C for my 442, and found that it fits the G23 like a glove; very versatile holster.
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