ladies or gentlemen that have ladies who carry...

ladies or gentlemen that have ladies who carry...

This is a discussion on ladies or gentlemen that have ladies who carry... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own a sig p238. I bought an IWB DeSantis Pro Stealth. I carry on the small of my back. Its comfortable and I function ...

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Thread: ladies or gentlemen that have ladies who carry...

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    ladies or gentlemen that have ladies who carry...

    I own a sig p238.
    I bought an IWB DeSantis Pro Stealth.
    I carry on the small of my back.
    Its comfortable and I function just fine.
    BUT you can still see that Im carrying unless I wear a coat/sweatshirt etc.
    I wear tight fitting jeans and shirts (I know. I dont exactly dress for concealing.) and without the sweatshirt, the printing is obvious.
    I have the smallest gun I am comfortable with but I am a very small framed person so this is very difficult.
    I would really like to stick with IWB carry. Ive tried repositioning the holster in the front, it doesnt work. Anywhere near the hips is even worse. Where my lower back curves in and then out where my butt is seems to be the only place it doesnt scream "Hey! I'm carrying!"
    Its unsettling because I dont want to carry a .380 forever. But if I cant even conceal this tiny thing, theres a slim chance I can carry a 9mm in the future.

    How have any of you overcome this? Pictures are helpful too.



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    You might hate it but you will have to change the way you dress. Tight shirts and tight pants may look gtrat but it leaves little room for concealed carry.

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    My wife carries Appendix IWB with her 238. She uses a Galco holster don't remember the model right now.
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    Check out these 2 you tube sites
    also look for photos of lima on this board or send her a pm I am sure she will be glad to help

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    My wife carries her Taurus 605 or Ruger LCR Appendix IWB in a Fist #1KB holster (has infinitely adjustable cant and ride height by using velcro). Works great for her. You might also have luck using the Remora holster which is getting a lot of attention on these forums.
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    If you can carry a p238 then you get away with carrying a PM9, since they are almost equal in size.
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    The DeSantis Pro Stealth holster is not the greatest holster. We keep ours as an example of what not to buy. It served well as a rig for my wife until we could get something better, but that was about it. find something thinner, either leather or Kydex and ditch the Stealth. It offers zero natural retention and is thicker than either a Kydex or leather holster.

    A quick, less costly answer is the Don Hume clip on IWB.

    If you don't wear a belt, you're pretty much limited to clip-ons. A nicer clip on may be the UBG Nassar or Becker, or a Desibens #6 IWB The Remora holster may also be a possible option. We have some inbound and can give more details on them later.
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    My wife dresses slim and she has found empire waist shirts to be carry friendly. But just like anyone else, body type plays a role. So what may work for her, might nor work for you. She's 5' 4"...115lbs...C cup breasts with a slim waist. So when she carries her PM9 appendix, the drape of an empire waist shirt coming down from breasts that stick out much farther than her stomach allows for her to conceal very well in the appendix position.
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    My wife carries my Glock 23 in a Crossbreed Supertuck.

    I've got a Remora holster for my 442, and I highly recommend it. You can wear it anywhere with anything.
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    Field engineering might be one of those difficult parts. CC is a way of life. This almost always dictates a change in something. Gear (holsters), clothing, and choice of firearm. You have chosen a particular firearm for your CC for your own reasons. That's the basics. For now, everything else should revolve around that. Anyone's physical characteristics should be placed low on the list. Where there's a will, there's a way and I guarantee it. Finding the way is the interesting part. Keep an open mind. If it's something you want to do, then by all means find the best way to do it. I'm not saying it's going to be simple. You need to be ready for that as well. You have my best wishes.

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    My wife wears tight jeans and tight tops and honestly, only the tiniest 380's can be carried IWB or in pocket without printing. I caught her watching the limalife videos on youtube. I have no idea how she's going to carry a "larger pistol" IWB (her new toy is a S&W CS9) without wearing a loose top or a second top over a tight inner top.
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    I've had people tell me that I dress "like a boy"
    so I guess that helps my concealment methods. lol

    I've ALWAYS dressed this way, because woman's clothes are very impractical. I've never had any trouble attracting the attention of the guys (which is what my friend was getting at with his comments) so I see no reason to change. This is coming from the woman who owns her own chainsaw though, so, uh, your mileage may vary ;) Did you know steel toe boots can be rather fashionable too? hehehe

    My sister has always dressed a bit trendier though, and she has the same gun I do. Stretchy, clingy, form-fitting Tshirts just don't work out well, and low rise pants are not so great either, but you can still pull off a feminine look while carrying. If there's a will, there's a way.
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    Well, if you do find a good way to carry a P238 without changing your wardrobe, you can upgrade to a 9mm MK9/PM9/P290, etc.
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    I'm fairly small and I have found I can carry 380 all the way through 9mm and 45 with smaller frames IWB using appendix carry. The small of back or 5 o'clock areas print for me and just don't feel right but as they say, your mileage may vary. I like the IWB Don Hume (PM9 and 45) and for around the house, an Uncle Mikes for the LCP. I am looking into the Remora as it has gotten rave reviews here. Good luck!
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