Cold weather issues

Cold weather issues

This is a discussion on Cold weather issues within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For some of us this is the time of year that may dictate a change in our carry options. We may encounter extreame cold weather. ...

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Thread: Cold weather issues

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    Cold weather issues

    For some of us this is the time of year that may dictate a change in our carry options. We may encounter extreame cold weather. How we carry our sidearm will, in some cases, have to change.
    Most of us layer our clothing for cold weather. How then do we access our weapon? It may mean going from a inside waist band to strong or cross draw system. When wearing insulated bib overalls we may consider a shoulder holster. Some go to a outside jacket pocket system. Although less secure than other systems, it does offer quick access. Remeber to keep complete control of your coat at all times. When you go indoors you do not want to hang your coat with your sidearm in it anyplace that you can not fully control.
    We also have to think about what we wear on our hands. In some cases mittens and some style of gloves will not allow us to get a proper grip, let alone have a good trigger stroke. Some types of gloves, if they are heavy duty, will cause the weapon to fire simply by inserting the trigger finger into the trigger guard. What you wear and how you will carry your weapon spare ammo should be tested throughly before you carry for real.

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    It doesn't get super cold her, but sometimes when wearing my Carhartt jacket I go to a shoulder holster. If I'm in a hoodie, I'll use an OWB. My real cold weather hunting gloves let me poke my trigger finger through the glove

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    Here in Idaho, I am able to wear a fleece vest 6-8 months of the year. With that, my concealment problems go away. I carry OWB in appendix carry with the fleece vest zipped up a few inches to make sure the gun stays concealed. The vest has an elastic bottom making it very easy (with practice) to lift it up to access the gun and vests are commonly worn inside. A heavy winter coat does slow access a little. I would not try to use my Glock with gloves on, so those would get dropped immediately.
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    I've been down the same roads, and I usually will try to carry nearer to the outer layer of clothing, but still the draw isn't exactly what I would call fast. Better than leaving it at home or in the car but it's still a little slower than I prefer, and I hate shooting with gloves too:)

    I did find that on some insulated pants they have the ability to reach through to pockets of your pants underneath, sometimes with a little prep you can pocket carry in your pants underneath and reach through to draw. It's a little slow, and watch out for anything that could snag(J-frame with standard hammer etc), because it's certainly more clothing to clear, and also make sure your pants pockets line up well enough and test the draw.

    Good luck guys up in the cold weather;) I got lucky the last few years traveling with my wife, we're in Arizona for the winter:)

    Take care!


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    I'll agree that Michigan is different in many ways for the temps. Clothing will make a difference, and your choice of clothing and carry need to interact. I carry according to conditions, and I also try to look into any conditions that I might be entering into. I'm liking my appendix carry option more and more as the cold season has finally made it here. I seldom zip up the front of my jacket. I have in the past thrown my G27 into a cover-all chest pocket. But I like you learn with every turn. You'll find it soon enough.

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    In real cold weather, I'm forced to wear my 'longer' shorts and an extra T-shirt, but my carry mode does not change.
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    I'm forced to wear my 'longer' shorts and an extra T-shirt
    Layers are important in those "extreme" climates.
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    G23 in a shoulder rig and my LCP in a pocket holster (weak side) jacket pocket.

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