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This is a discussion on Ankle Carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ankle carry my LCP at times. Not the best method of carry but it really keeps it hidden. First you need a small, light ...

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    I ankle carry my LCP at times. Not the best method of carry but it really keeps it hidden. First you need a small, light gun (LCP or something like that). Second you need a good holster. I have a DeSantis Apache. The holster is comfortable and I have worn it for hours at a time with no problems. You can get a strap for it to help hold it up but I have never had problems with it working loose or dropping down. I carried around the house for about a week to make sure this worked for me and that I would not be dropping anything when I went out in public. Some people like it and some people hate it. Try it, you may like it. Just be aware of the limitations mentioned by the other posters.

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    I never could get comfortable with it.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
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    Years ago, when I was teaching high school, the school's police resource officer (plain clothes cop) and I were talking in the faculty lounge during my free period. He always ankle carried because more often than not he removed his sport coat during the day. Our conversation got around to different carrying methods and I made the statement that I could never see how anyone could effectively draw from an ankle holster. He attempted to demonstrate. At some time while he hopped around on one foot trying to get his pants leg up over the gun, his snubbie went flying out and spun nearly the whole length of the lounge at which time he actually fell over and crawled after it. We both were laughing so hard. It resembled a scene from comedy police show. End of discussion.

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    I use one almost every day for my 442..I am more concerned with having it on me than needing a quick draw during the day...ankle just takes a little more planning than hip carry....if i am out at dinner and want it closer to my gun hand on the walk to the car,, I can hit the men's room and move it to my pocket. I have 2 small children and I don't want them to see my gun and announce it to their far, they have never seen it on my ankle...if I hip carry, they will see or feel it pretty fast...YMMV.

    I use a Renegade cozy partner..very secure and very concealable since it is soft leather....and it has never come out without me inviting it.

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    no pics, but i do often use an uncle mike's ankle holster and find it very comfortable with my smith J frames... You have to get used to the feeling of something strapped to your ankle before it becomes part of you, but i find it very concealable, and very comfortable all day long. Best part, it was very inexpensive. Bunker

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    I have a friend that is into Karate, he got into a H2H with a drunk, did a spinning back kick and the holster-gun, whole rig went flying through a parking lot. he said it took him 10 minutes to go fine his snubby, it was under a car a couple of rows over LOL. The good news was , there was not one scratch on the gun LOL

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    i back up carry my jframe in a desantis leather ankle holster. its a leather holster sewn to the neoprene wrap. it is very comfortable and secure. it is my secondary gun though. i carry a xd sub 9 on the belt. but i find the ankle carry of the jframe comfortable. i can run, wrestle with the kids, etc. with no movement. i think while driving, it is good carry position as well, for me. there are disadvantages, as everyone was quick to point out. do what works for you.

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    G26 - Galco Ankle Glove

    "There are more things on this planet with fangs, claws, poisons, and scales, than there are things that are warm, fuzzy, and full of love. It's just a simple fact." - James Keating

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    I often carry my S&W 442 in a Fobus ankle holster and it is snug, comfortable and I can barely tell I have it on me. The gun is held tightly in the holster without a thumb break for easy drawing and the gun won't fall out under no circumstances. Nonetheless, one has to practice drawing the gun a lot because to draw it you must pull it out firmly. I like this one so I highly recommend it!

    There are many fine holsters made by Blackhawk, Galco, Uncle Mike's, Desantis and by many custom leather holster makers so just pick whatever feels best for you and your particular back-up gun.

    "If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That's ridiculous... If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid for?" [Clint Smith - Thunder Ranch]

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    I have carried in ankle rigs by Alessi, Bianchi, DeSantis and others, but only the Renegades work for me. My favorite is just like the one in LoveLeather's picture. I carry guns ranging from Scandium J-frames to a Colt Magnum Carry to a Kahr PM-9 and a Detonics Combat Master, and the Renegades work well with all; comfortable, good concealment and secure. I'm about to acquire a 2" Smith 327 PC, and I'm hoping Renegade makes a Cozy Partner for it. If they don't, I plan on getting one from 5-Shot Leather. In general, the shape of revolvers makes them more concealable and comfortable in ankle rigs than are autos.

    FWIW, I never use ankle carry for a primary, only for a BUG, and as old and stove-up as I am, I can draw from an ankle rig quickly without lying on my back or falling down, and access is really quick while driving.

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    Sorry, no pics but ankle carry is the BEST method of carry when driving.

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    Just ordered one for driving. (Renegade Cozy Partner) Could not find there web sight so I called them and they told me what it is.

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    Feb 2010
    +1 for the Renegade

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