Glock 36 magazine carrier

Glock 36 magazine carrier

This is a discussion on Glock 36 magazine carrier within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for a magazine holder to add to my belt. I am finding a lot of double carriers. I would like a single. Preferably ...

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Thread: Glock 36 magazine carrier

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    Glock 36 magazine carrier

    I'm looking for a magazine holder to add to my belt. I am finding a lot of double carriers. I would like a single. Preferably leather. Those fobus ones aren't quite what im looking for. Maybe slimmer kydex at least.

    Anyone know where I can find some?

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    It is always tough finding high quality leather accouterments and accessories for the Glock Model 36.
    Usually you will find that absolutely everything is available for all models of GLOCK except for the GLOCK 36. (Strange But, True)

    I'll be making a couple of extra nice single leather mag pouches for the G-36 in about two weeks. One for my Wife and one in black for a PGH City Detective.
    If you have not found anything in nice high quality leather by then...shoot me a PM and I'll make one extra for you.

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    I found a great double mag holder for my '36' but I only use it for trips to Jax or Orlando. For a single extra mag, I settled for a cordura belt clip pouch found at my gun shop (probably for a phone or special tool)...a great tight fit, and a valcro strip lid.
    It's a perfect fit for my mag and is a simple clip on my belt. I thought about leather, but this pouch gave the mag a perfect fit and was less that $ fine. Look around before you spend any big bucks.
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    You can see mine in a thread that was running here
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    This one is shown with a G-36 magazine.....
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    Check out Side Guard. They list the G36 amongst their mag holders.
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    I have owned several leather, kydex and nylon mag pouches in my 15 year career. Lately, I have been using a single mag pouch from Rocky at Pure Kustom. It is, hands down, the best mag pouch that I have ever used. It has a forward cant for carrying right behind your hip on the support side. This aids in concealment and grabbing the mag from many positions, including crouching behind cover. The retention is superb. I highly recommend it. You will never need to buy another for that mag. I also have his double mag pouch for those questionable neighborhoods.
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    Lightning Arms Sports has single or double leather mag carriers in stock specifically made for the G36

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    You can also try a nylon knife sheath. These are pretty inexpensive and frequently will fit like they were made for the mag.
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