I wanted to share with you all some mods I did that make this holster 100% better.

They wont combat cut the minitucks like they will the supertuck. The problem with that is you cant get a good grip on the tiny pistol that way. Also, a lot of excess leather at the top (same on my supertuck for the G19 which I will soon eliminate as well). I still need to shave/ cut more kydex off and smooth it out for a little more clearance for the immediate finger underneath the trigger well. I would really like to move the rivet just under the trigger well as well about 2-3mm. But my grip and draw has improved tremendously. Heres some pics! Wish I had taken some before pics. Merry Christmas all!

Oh yeah, I highly recommend the hogue rubber grip and pearce extension for IWB carry (improve draw as well). I want to get another 6 round for pocket carry.

Kahr PM9 and CB Mini Tuck Mod-2010-12-23_07-42-00_640.jpgKahr PM9 and CB Mini Tuck Mod-2010-12-23_07-41-34_881.jpgKahr PM9 and CB Mini Tuck Mod-2010-12-23_07-41-49_843.jpg