Decided to post as new thread just to mention a few changes, which hopefully will enhance the usage of the list.

Huge thanks to Zundfolge who took it on himself to go thru the whole listing and itemize all locations of holster makers (except for quite a few where he couldn't find any info!). He also found a massive 16 'error 404' links and so these have been dropped. We still have right now 152, so a pretty full list.

The main page is still and has location info added where possible to the tool tips - but from there you can go to a new page of tabulated location info - - this may well for some be a good place to start a search if location important.

The main page now has a contact email for letting me know of any additions, errors or changes needed.

Hoping this proves helpful - thanks again to Zundfolge and Happy New Year to all.